• What is cyst?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    December 19, 2014
    What is cyst?

    Cyst is a temporary form of life, the transition to which is carried out, as a rule, in the presence of any adverse conditions. This form of life is characterized by the presence of a special protective sheath. Often this shell is also called the cyst.

    In this article we will examine in more detail what a cyst of bacteria, plants and animals is.

    Bacterial cyst

    Bacteria cysts are resistant to drying, ultraviolet and gamma radiation, as well as solar radiation, ultrasound and high temperatures. Cysts are formed by reducing nutrients in the environment or the formation of harmful elements in it. When cysts are formed, the bacterium changes the mechanism of respiration, metabolism and catabolism.

    Plant cysts

    Plant cysts are formed under adverse environmental conditions and help to endure a difficult period. The plant cyst is a hard shell that, when the conditions change to favorable conditions, germinates. Sometimes several new individuals grow from cysts.

    Animal cysts

    In animals, a cysts of repose and cysts of reproduction can form, the first is hard and thick, and is formed under adverse external conditions, and the second is thin, characteristic for the period of division of one organism into several independent ones.

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