• What is cybernetics?

    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    Lyudmila Kolyagina
    April 2, 2013
    What is cybernetics?

    Today’s world is different from the world that our ancestors saw: new sciences, new teachings and worldviews have appeared. Today we will also touch on the topic, which remains a mystery to many now. We will talk about cybernetics. What is cybernetics? This concept is very complex and, it turns out, has existed since the nineteenth century. Introduced this concept Andre-Marie Ampère. It means the art of managing, transmitting the information around us among people, machines, society and even among all living organisms.

    Our time and cybernetics

    Now there are so many definitions for this term. But we are more familiar with the definition of N. Winner. He tied the term to control and communication between the machine and the animals. He attached great importance to the social motives of this science and often interpreted it in an arbitrary form. That is why in various countries this science began to develop in two ways. Europe and the United States began to support the meaning of cybernetics on anthologies between control processes only in technical and living organisms.In the USSR, the introduction of computers was also more attributed to cybernetics, as well as the theory of information transformation and the theory of information management. As we see, cybernetics is understood differently. What this science studies depends on the trend that exists in a particular country.

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