• What is competency?

    Evgeny Fogov
    Evgeny Fogov
    March 30, 2015
    What is competency?

    Have you ever heard that a question does not belong to someone's competence? What is meant? Speaking of competence, you can imply a range of issues in which the subject is well versed, or the rights and powers that he has.

    Let's talk more about what competency is.

    What is meant by competence

    Competence is the ability to use your knowledge and skills to act successfully in solving problems of any kind. Competence is the basic skill that an individual needs to be productive. The word originated from the Latin competere, which means "to approach."

    There are the following types of competence:

    • Professional competence implies the ability to act effectively based on one’s experience, as well as to apply skills in solving professional tasks.
    • In jurisprudence competence is called the set of powers that were assigned to a specific body or official.
    • In management, competence implies the ability of a manager to manage personnel and, at the same time, to solve specific tasks that were assigned to persons entrusted to him in management.
    • Intercultural competence implies the ability of an individual to successfully use their communication skills to communicate with people from different cultures.

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