• What is bulimia?

    It is very difficult to believe that the uncontrolled eating of food is a mental illness. It turns out that the medical name for this behavior is called bulimia nervosa. They are often affected by adolescents who are deprived of love, who because of misunderstanding hate the whole world. They have in their head an analogy of the general relation to them with food. They eat in large quantities, and then artificially induce vomiting. It is difficult to understand this behavior, but you can help teens. The main thing is to know what bulimia is and how to treat it.

    Symptoms of bulimia

    Bulimia itself is a symptom of a more complex and serious disease. Such signs are given by the diseased nervous system, the upset psyche, which gave the endocrine system a serious failure. Disturbed eating behavior of people. Surrounding notice that a person begins to eat in large quantities. Moreover, eating passes attacks: suddenly a strong feeling of hunger rolls up, begins to suck in the stomach, weakness occurs, dizziness, rapid breathing, hands begin to tremble from hunger.And when a person gets to food, he begins to absorb it quickly and very much. Saturation does not come in 20 minutes, like in a healthy person, but only in 40-60 minutes. Can you imagine how much you can eat during this time?

    The second variant of the manifestation of bulimia - a constant meal. That is, a person is, without stopping, day and night, even at night he gets up and goes to the refrigerator.

    The third manifestation of bulimia is in the night diet. With the onset of night, a person opens a mad hunger, he begins to eat, is not able to even fall asleep for a long time, wakes up quickly and eats again. During the day, such a person feels calmer.

    Common signs of all kinds

    And now about similar signs for all variants of the disease. After eating the patients, the second part of the attack begins, they need to ruffle all this food. They are actively taking laxative and emetic medicine. This becomes such a frequent procedure that a person develops neurasthenia, disappears interest in life, comes complete indifference to what is happening. Sudden acute heart failure occurs.These are also all signs of bulimia that others can notice. These symptoms can lead to drug or drug addiction and even death. By the way, bulimia is another quality. Symptoms of anorexia in this case are absent, that is, there is no thinness, lack of weight. Therefore, patients with bulimia can not be seen by external signs.

    Treatment of bulimia

    First of all, it is not the gluttony that is to be treated, but the nervous system; it is necessary to protect the patient from stress, experiences, including due to its own weight. We need to help a person start loving himself for who he is. There are many more ways to get rid of bulimia. And they can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist. Now, complex treatment of this disease is being used very effectively. Together with a psychiatrist, a nutritionist, a psychologist works with a patient, medications are prescribed. In this process, moral assistance and support of loved ones is very important. A person should feel their true love and care. Then he himself will begin to love himself the way he is.

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