• What is boom?

    Natalya Safonova
    Natalya Safonova
    January 27, 2015
    What is boom?

    Boom is a word that can be found in different contexts. What is boom? Let's try to understand the values.

    • The word boom can mean an increased interest in something, an excessive vigor associated with a particular event (the so-called hype).
    • Also, a boom can be called a period of increased economic growth (investment boom, stock market boom).
    • In addition, this word is called a log, i.e. sports equipment for gymnastic exercises.

    The abbreviation BOOM stands for Big Universal Miniature - this is the name of the regional youth festival of KVN teams and STEMs.

    Many, probably, remember a series of films with the name “Boom”, in which the main role was played by a young Sophie Marceau.

    "Boom" can be found in other words, for example, boombox.

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