• What is an e-book?

    21 century. Century of innovative technology. The Internet has firmly entered our life. Modern man is already very difficult to imagine without a mobile phone and computer. But besides other electronic gadgets, we increasingly hear the phrase e-book. For many, this new technology is still a mystery. Let's try to figure out what an e-book is.

    What is an e-book

    Probably many, having a mobile phone with Internet access, tried to download and read books on it, to some extent it is very convenient, as an emergency option, when you go in transport or sit somewhere in line, but the small screen, small memory size, etc. do not always satisfy the reader. As a result of all these inconveniences, an absolutely independent device, called an e-book, is born. It is based on the screen. According to the method of image transfer, there are screens with TFT-matrix and E-Ink screens. These two different constructive directions of e-books have their differences and each has its own army of fans. Another difference in e-books is the way of management.Some have separate buttons, others are controlled through the touch screen. Apart from the fact that the e-book was invented specifically for reading books, the creators decided not to limit themselves to such a narrow set of functions, with the result you can use it to listen to music, radio, watch photos and videos. More advanced instances allow you to go on the Internet, which begins to have them with the tablet computers.

    In most cases, an e-book is very similar to a regular book, but at the same time it is much thinner and lighter than it. An e-book, depending on the size of a memory card, allows you to carry around an entire library, which is also very convenient, especially if the book is used not by one person, but by several family members with different interests.

    Design features of the e-book

    Above, we have already mentioned the differences in the displays of electronic books. Let's take a closer look.

    • Screens with TFT - matrix are a liquid crystal screen. The image on it turns out to be a contrast, which does not quite have a beneficial effect on the eyes, but thanks to this the book can be read in the dark.
    • E-ink e-ink based screens work as a result of light passing through them,therefore, they cannot work in complete darkness, but now more and more books with such screen technology have appeared to be illuminated. The advantages of books with an E-Ink screen are that they are not so harmful to the eyes and allow you to maintain battery power for a long time.

    Each of these screens has its own customer. Someone needs to have enough battery power for quite a long time. If a person reads a book mostly during the day and somewhere in transport, he will prefer an e-book with a display based on electronic ink technology. If a person reads a book mostly in the evening before going to bed in a warm bed, then a book with a regular screen is more suitable for him. Of course, everyone would like to have a book for all occasions, and in this case an electronic book with a display based on electronic ink comes to the rescue, but with backlighting from LEDs around the perimeter of the screen.

    Pocketbook ebook

    This international manufacturing company, established in 2007, decided to start immediately with production based on advanced technologies. The Pocketbook e-book is distinguished by a powerful processor, the screen is based on the E-Ink technology, the book has a large amount of memory, and the manufacturer manages to maintain a competitive price for his books.

    TeXet ebook

    This manufacturer has existed since 2004. During this time, the company has completed all production technologies. The e-book TeXet has a good price-quality ratio. The manufacturer has a wide range of e-books for every taste with both E-Ink technology and conventional LCD displays.

    When choosing an e-book, you can read various reviews on the Internet to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a particular book.

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