• What is amphibrach?

    November 4, 2014
    What is amphibrach?

    The term "amphibrach" has been used in versification since ancient times. We will understand what is amphibrach.

    This is such a poetic size, in which the stress in the foot falls on the 2nd syllable of the 3rd.

    Amphibrahy: U-U,where the tick marked unstressed syllable, and the dash - stressed.

    An example of using amphibrach

    • "Who jumps, who rushes under the cold haze?
    • Rider late, with his young son.
    • To the father, having completely shuddered, the baby fell down;
    • Having embraced, he is held and warmed by an old man. "
    • (V. A. Zhukovsky "Forest King").

    In addition to amphibrachia, there are two more trisyllabic sizes: dactyl (with emphasis on the first syllable) and anapaest (with emphasis on the last syllable).

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