• What is a key?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    March 30, 2015
    What is a key?

    All users of modern computer devices know what a key is. Under the key have in mind the special buttons or plates, when pressed, the levers of the mechanism come into effect. Keys are inherent in many mechanical devices, including the piano, telegraph, computers. Let us understand in more detail what a key is.

    Keys of different devices

    Prior to the widespread use of computers and various devices (phones, tablets, modern consoles), the keys were mostly inherent in musical instruments (piano, organ, accordion, etc.) or a typewriter. If we talk about the piano, then its working surface consists of 85 or 88 keys; when you click on each of them, a certain sound is emitted. In this case, the key is an elongated plate of black or white color.

    In a typewriter, the keys are represented as round or square buttons that are not interconnected by jumpers. Today they are practically not used, since they are replaced by PCs with printers.

    With the advent and development of computer technology keys slightly modernized. Now, along with the standard keys, you can also find touch keys that are used in modern devices (tablets, touch phones, laptops). Touch keys are convenient because they activate the mechanism by even the slightest pressing them.

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