• What is a guitar?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    March 18, 2013
    What is a guitar?

    No style of music can do without such an important musical instrument as guitar. And in many directions it is the main active element. Let's take a closer look at what a guitar is. This is a musical plucked instrument related to the type of strings.

    Guitar structure

    The main components of the guitar are the body and neck, which is a long handle, slightly convex from the front side, along which the stretched strings pass. They are fixed from two ends: on the neck of the guitar by means of a mechanism that serves to adjust the degree of tension of the strings, and on its body in a stationary way using a special stand.

    To determine the working length of the string, the neck of the guitar is equipped with thresholds, while the lower one is mounted on the body of the guitar, namely, on its stand, and the top one is next to the head of the neck. The lower and upper plates of the guitar body are called the lower and upper deck, respectively. The latter is equipped with a special round hole with a diameter of strictly 8.5 cm - a resonator.It is this part of the guitar that determines the quality of its sound.

    The principle of sound reproduction

    The sound of a guitar is created by the oscillation of a stretched string. The pitch of the sound depends on the degree of tension, thickness and size of the working part, which fluctuates. Adjusting its pitch is made by varying the length of the working part, when the guitarist attaches the string to the fingerboard in a certain place.

    You can play the guitar with your fingers or with special devices in the form of plates of various thicknesses of a triangular shape - a mediator.

    What are guitars made of?

    Undoubtedly, on what the guitar is made of, depends on its quality, the reproduced sound and, therefore, its cost. As for the strings, they can be made of nylon or metal, while their thickness gradually increases from the first to the last string. The body of the guitar can be made of various woods: alder, maple, walnut, spruce, mahogany and poplar.

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