• He does not want a child

    The desire to get a child is quite natural for a woman. At a certain stage, almost everyone sooner or later thinks about it. However, it is not always the case that a partner shares this desire. What to do if he does not want children? Before proceeding to this question, it is necessary to find out why, strictly speaking, a man may want them?

    He does not want a child

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    The reasons that make men want to have children

    If a woman in the desire to have children is guided primarily by instinct, then it is important for a man to understand why, strictly speaking, he needs it.

    The most common reasons that may encourage a man to have children are the following:

    • Desire to have a full family. If this does not exist, it is possible that he is not ready for a serious relationship or does not want to start them with you.
    • The desire to have an heir. This desire is typical not only for rich people, but also for those who are seriously passionate about their work.Men, who have this motivation, want not just a child, but a son. If fate awards them to a girl, they often raise her the way they would if they had a boy. If the heir does not feel like it, maybe there's nothing to transfer?
    • The desire to keep a woman. Not completely confident men for some reason are convinced that having a baby can keep a woman close. This delusion is not only common among men.
    • Search for the meaning of life, which men often find in the continuation of the genus.
    • The desire to be, like everyone else, to meet expectations. The social standard requires that after the marriage in the family there are children. There are a number of men who follow this pattern, especially since all of them sooner or later begin to be subjected to pressure from the mother, who wants to babysit her grandchildren.

    He does not want a child

    If you are faced with a situation where these motivators do not work, you need to analyze what keeps a man from joining the family.

    Why a man may not want a child

    There are several reasons why a man may not want to have children.

    Among them:

    • Fear of the financial side of the issue.Every man is afraid that he will not be able to support an increased family.
    • Uncertainty in the partner. A man wants to have children far from every woman, and this must be reconciled. Analyze your behavior: perhaps it is too infantile, and the young man simply does not see you as a mother?
    • Fear of change. The appearance of a small lump inevitably completely changes the family lifestyle, and this can cause very serious concerns on the part of the spouse.
    • Infantilism, unwillingness to take responsibility for another person. In this case, the most reasonable solution would be to build relationships with another partner.

    Typical situations when a man does not want a child

    He does not want a child

    Specific advice depends on the situation in which the pair is located:

    • If you recently meet, but already mentally imagine the details of the wedding and care about choosing a school for future children, it may well be that the guy does not share your enthusiasm. Most likely, his reluctance to talk about children is due to the fact that your relationship is not serious enough. In this case, the best solution would be to relax and stop making far-reaching plans.
    • If your relationship has already gone far, and you are making plans for a future life together, you should take seriously the reluctance of the man to have a child. Do not flatter yourself hopes that his opinion may change. It is most reasonable to express your opinion, and if the views on this issue are opposite, put an end to the relationship in a timely manner, since they will not bring satisfaction to one of the partners.
    • Much more dramatic is the situation if the guy does not want a child when his girlfriend is already pregnant. In this case, do not force him to marry, because such a union will not bring happiness to anyone. Weigh, whether you are ready to bring up a child by yourself, whom you can count on in a difficult moment, and, based on this, make a decision yourself.
    • If, after you have been married for several years, it turned out that your views on the continuation of the race differ dramatically, the best solution would be to disperse, since the union will not bring satisfaction to at least one of the parties.

    In any case, analyze why your man does not want to have a child, and together discuss the situation.

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