• What if got up?

    The topic may be funny, but it will certainly be useful for many young people. After all, many people are faced with such a "problem". We will talk in our article about how not to get into a stupid situation and what to do if a member of the embarked, at the most inappropriate for this time.

    When testosterone is in full swing, it may happen that an erection occurs almost by itself. Especially if you, for example, do not have a girlfriend and you do not give out your sexual energy in any other way. You are driving, say, in public transport and you see a sexy, beautiful blonde in front of you. And so, your "friend" starts to wake up. So what to do in this situation?

    An erection at the wrong time

    What to do if a member rose and it happened at the wrong time?

    1. Try not to think about it and not panic. Yes, maybe your stop soon and you need to go out, but if you start thinking “Don't get up .... don't get up,” then the effect will be exactly the opposite. Try to relax and not think about anything at all. Especially about the beauty that caused such a funny situation.Take your eyes off of it (although it is difficult) and stop thinking about sex and related things. Even about his penis, which is torn to freedom.
    2. Still, as an option, you can imagine something super-disgusting and anti-sexual. Everyone has something of their own. This may be, for example, your trudovik's underwear, or imagine a naked grandmother-neighbor. Well, it will help only in those cases if such things do not excite you.
    3. Each of us has muscles that are at the base of the spine, around the prostate. They are known as Kegel muscles. So, it is also desirable to relax them, if they are tense. But do it in such a way as not to think about the process (see point one).
    4. If there is no time for all this, then just try to hide behind. Surely you have any backpack, bag or package with you. Maybe a tablet? If not, you'll have to hide behind your hand. Just do not be arrogant to take and cover his palm sticking out of his pants member. Simply, by chance, place a hand or any object in front of your fly and move towards the exit.

    These are some simple tricks. If this happens to you not for the first time, then it's time to think, maybe it is worth giving an outlet to your sexual energy? Meet a girl, meet her and have sex.If this option, for some strange reason, does not suit you, then just occasionally masturbate. If this is not an option for you, go in for sports. After a hard workout at the gym, you are unlikely to have the strength to spontaneous erection on the bus or anywhere else.

    Some young and inexperienced guys, by the way, are worried and embarrassed about the fact that they have a member during kisses with a girl. In fact, there is nothing terrible about it, quite the contrary. The girl probably likes it and flatters. Therefore, do not worry. On the contrary - rejoice and have fun.

    Now you know, dear friends, what to do if a member stands up. The most important thing - do not take it to heart and do not panic. Even if someone notices your erection, I think this person will not start to poke a finger at you and shout about your tool that has risen. In any case, think that it is much worse if the member does not get up at all.

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