• What hurts during your period?

    Almost all women know that pain often occurs during their periods. But, you see, the power of pain in the same woman in different months can be different, and sometimes it is not at all. And sometimes - even climb the wall from it. Let's see what hurts during menstruation and how to avoid it.

    Anatomy of the monthly

    Recall the anatomy. Every month one or several eggs mature in a woman’s body. They are waiting for fertilization, and without waiting for this remarkable event, they move through the tubes into the uterus. In the meantime, the uterus produces a lot of substance that can help the fertilized egg to “attach” to its walls. You understand that at a certain point in the uterus there is a large amount of all sorts of tissues and cells that the woman’s body “did not use” in this cycle, and they must be removed from the uterus. This removal is called monthly, there is a copious flow of blood, and with it all the unnecessary biological material.

    What hurts

    After the anatomy lesson it becomes clear why the pains during menstruation occur before they start and continue for some time - from 2-4 hours to 2 days. The uterus begins to open to remove the unnecessary.Remember labor pains - pains arise when the uterus opens. Of course, with menstruation, the uterus does not open so much, but still it opens! Muscles put pressure on internal tissues saturated with nerve endings. It is less sensitive and more so very painful. After the uterus has opened, an impulsive muscle contraction begins, which kicks the blood out. Imagine a rubber bulb, you put pressure on it, water flows out, right? So is the uterus, the muscles press on it, the blood comes out. And any pressure brings discomfort.

    Why hurts more

    Increased pain during menstruation occurs in some diseases. If the hormonal background has changed on your nervous system, then the uterus may contract more or less, this affects the level of pain. Also, over the years, a woman may begin to suffer from increased sensitivity to pain. Then even the slightest contraction of the uterus will cause unbearable pain. In this case, you need to consult a doctor, he will prescribe the correct treatment. But the woman herself must follow the elementary rules in order to hurt less: do not be nervous, go in for sports, do not smoke, do not take alcohol, do not forgive (especially keep your feet from hypothermia).


    If the pain begins 3-4 days before menstruation, and then only increases, then it is not only the uterus that hurts when muscles are exposed to it. This condition is called algomenorrhea, and only a doctor can establish that pain during menstruation. Endometriosis can cause pain, and in this case, the entire mucous membrane, not just the neck, hurts. Just as often, pain is caused by inflammation of the genital organs. Even the intrauterine device, as well as polyps, peritoneal adhesions can cause pain during menstruation. By the way, many women do not even suspect spikes, thinking that this is the standard pain during menstruation. And this is a very big danger! With muscle contraction, they can have a mechanical effect so much that organs that stick together with one another will cause pulling pain.

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