• What hair color is suitable for brown eyes?

    Brown eyes - it is attractive, tempting and sexy for the opposite sex. They say that brown-eyed people are even characterized by certain character traits: impulsivity, increased activity, passion. Such people do not suffer defeats, they do not know how to lose, they always try to take leadership positions. But today we are more concerned with the topic of appearance, namely, what hair color is suitable for brown eyes.

    Brown-haired hair color: rules for choosing

    It is very important to choose the right combination of eye color, skin color and hair color. With eye color everything is very clear.

    • If the brown-eyed woman has dark skin, then she should pick up dark tones of hair dye. Dark chocolate is an excellent solution, insanely attractive and charming looks such a shade on dark-skinned brown-eyed. They can also make highlights, and then paint over the light strands in honey or caramel tones. This method of coloring is very advantageous to look at the sensual brown-eyed lady, favorably emphasizes their eyes, and also gives additional volume to the hairstyle.
    • If she is the owner of fair skin, it is more natural to choose light shades of hair coloring products, for example, red or chestnut colors. Following such rules, the girl will not look defiant and artificial. The positive effect of her appearance is provided.

    In addition, deciding what hair color is suitable for hazel eyes, you need to remember the golden rule: "warm to warm, and cold to cold." Brown-eyed fit golden, chalky, chestnut shades of hair. And girls with blue and gray eyes need to stop their choice on ashy blond or ash brown.

    So, now we know what hair color is suitable for hazel eyes - warm shades - something to be guided by when choosing a dye. But how not to be mistaken with paint ... For this, experts give valuable advice: when choosing paint in a store, always ask for pallets with strands. You will notice that the shades may differ from the hair color of the model on the dye package.

    • You should also carefully look at the shade of your brown eyes. Some girls have a lighter brown or sandy eye color.If they dye their hair in dark brown or chocolate shades, then their eyes will be completely lost against the background of the hair. Owners of this type of eye chic suit, which is very popular in the West and among Hollywood stars at the present time. Remember Jennifer Aniston and her gorgeous hair color. Yes, yes, this is brondirovanie, that is, a combination of natural dark and light colors in the hair. The main thing here - to monitor the brilliance and health strands.
    • It would be good to start a trial. That is, we advise you to purchase a temporary dye, tinting agent that will not fundamentally change your hair color, but will allow you to assess whether it is worthwhile to dye your hair in this color with durable paint. We remind you that it is not recommended to dye your hair often, so if you have the opportunity to try on a wig with the desired hair color, then this is the best option before dyeing.

    Does blonde hair look like brown eyes?

    As we have already mentioned, brown-eyed brown-eyed women can pick up lighter shades of chestnut, red, chocolate, but still it is not necessary to lighten hair in blond.It will not look very harmonious and unnatural. But there is an opposite opinion that blondes with brown eyes look spectacular. Remember Victoria Beckham, who dyed her hair blond, famous Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears, extravagant Gwen Stefani, who conquered many hearts. Therefore, we recommend brown-eyed girls who want to dye their blonde, first try on a bright wig and make sure that you do not lighten your hair for nothing. Change from time to time is necessary, do not be afraid to experiment, because the appearance of each girl is very individual. One shade of brown eyes can fit one shade of hair dye, while on the other one the same shade will not look the best.

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