• What furniture is needed to care for a newborn?

    Preparing a child's room before the birth of a child involves many tasks. It is necessary to make repairs, rational zoning, install equipment that ensures a healthy microclimate. In order for the first months of a baby’s life to pass in maximum comfort and tranquility, it is very important to buy all the necessary furniture for a complete care of a newborn. When choosing it, it is important to take into account a number of criteria, the key of which are:

    • comfort for the baby;
    • practicality and functional convenience for parents;
    • absolute safety for the child's health;
    • aesthetic appearance.

    If the first child is born in the family, the parents, who do not have enough experience, may not take into account when preparing the children's room all the features of the future care of the baby. What things need to buy on a mandatory basis?

    Baby cot - a piece of furniture that requires particularly careful selection

    The main place of life for several months for a newborn will be his bed.Therefore, the choice here should be made with the maximum amount of responsibility and care. Choosing a suitable model, you need to take into account the most important parameters:

    • Dimensions. The dimensions are very important, because the bed will have to accurately stand on the place intended for it. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that parents should be comfortable with it, without touching other furnishings. If the bed is on wheels and it is planned to move it frequently around the room, then it is necessary to leave around it the gaps necessary for departure and turns.
    • Directivity of the design. In most models, there is only one lowering side, which is the front. If the headboard at the bed is different from the opposite end, then the parents should take into account where it will be directed so that the front lowered side will not be found against the wall.
    • The quality of the mattress. This indicator is extremely important. The mattress should be moderately soft and elastic, not strongly retain odors, pass air. Today, the best option is a combination of natural and synthetic layers. As a natural, coconut fiber is best suited (wool and feathers can smell unpleasant when soaked).For the elasticity of the mattress it uses polyurethane foam and latex foam.
    • Accessories and protection. In many models of cots, a canopy, curtains, a music mobile, etc. are provided. Soft collars can be hung on the sides, which will become necessary when the baby learns to roll and crawl on its own.

    If it is assumed that the child will sleep in this crib up to 4-5 years old, then you need to buy a model of the appropriate size. Today, customers are offered options with all sorts of improvements. So, the bed for newborns can be combined with a chest of drawers, a changing table, cabinet or pencil case.

    Cradle cradle for quick motion sickness and calming the newborn

    Very often the bed is enough to meet the needs of the baby in a healthy and sound sleep. But this is not always the case. Often, a newborn cannot fall asleep on their own due to gas, colic and other problems. Mom has to rock him in her arms. It takes a lot of time and effort, which is so lacking in everyday cares, which after the birth of a child becomes a huge amount.

    In such situations, a cradle cradle designed specifically for rocking a newborn will be very useful.Its advantages over a stationary bed are:

    • compactness and the ability to easily carry around the apartment;
    • possibility of installation directly near the parent’s bed (many cradles are made with a folding side and special straps for fastening to the parents' bed);
    • the presence of a special pendulum mechanism, an arcuate bottom bar or wheels for easy rocking;
    • the ability to be folded to be transported in a car (conveniently when traveling with a baby to the country or on a visit).

    The cradle will not replace the traditional cot, but it has a completely different purpose. This item is needed precisely for rocking baby. In addition, it is convenient to use it for daytime sleep of a newborn, because a compact cradle can be put in the kitchen, in the living room, in the study, that is, where mom or dad will go about their business while watching the baby.

    Chest of drawers, changing table and other furniture necessary for the full and convenient care for a newborn

    Caring for a newborn requires the use of a large number of things (diapers, diapers, changing clothes, sanitary products, etc.). The most convenient way to store them is to use chests of drawers with spacious drawers.Depending on the size and configuration of the children's room, the dresser can be replaced with a high, but narrow case or cabinet. However, a chest of drawers for a newborn is also convenient due to the fact that in many models there is a folding changing table in the upper part.

    Such a table can be purchased separately. This item helps to comfortably dress the baby, change diapers, and, if necessary, process the delicate skin with creams and powders. It is best to do this on a special table, as mom will not have to stoop.

    Where to buy comfortable and beautiful children's furniture?

    Parents always want children's furniture for a girl or a boy to look as beautiful as possible. To choose the best option for a daughter or son, it is advisable to have as many offers as possible before your eyes. I would also like to be able to choose a cot, a chest of drawers, a cradle at an affordable price for a particular family.

    A wide range of such furniture can be found in large online supermarkets specializing in the implementation of the entire spectrum of children's products. And with the capabilities of modern postal services and courier services, even furniture items are delivered very quickly with an online order.

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