• Why dream of a white rat?

    Kate flower
    Kate flower
    February 25, 2015
    Why dream of a white rat?

    Dreams always worried people. It used to be that dreams could predict the future and help solve any problems. Today, dreams are perceived in no less mystical way, despite the fact that scientists long ago gave an explanation for this phenomenon. Nevertheless, the interest in deciphering them does not disappear, especially when dreams are completely incomprehensible. Today we will take a closer look at why a white rat dreams.

    The dream of psychologist G. Miller

    White rat in a dream - to be in a quarrel with partners in business and general affairs. In a situation, if you catch a rat, you can easily avoid conflict.

    In addition, the rat, which you dreamed, may portend a crisis in business.

    Dream Vanga

    If you dream of a rat running around your house, this means that difficulties await you, which you can easily overcome.

    To feed a white rat is to success in work affairs, perhaps even a boost due to your personal qualities.

    If you come to grips with a white rat, it means that you rely only on your strength and do not expect help from the outside.

    Female dream book

    Meet the white rat in a dream - you are waiting for serious conflicts with neighbors.

    If in a dream you grabbed a rat, it means that you will manifest dignity in a collision with rivals.

    Kill the white rat - the difficulties will be overcome regardless of the situation.

    Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

    White rats in a dream are a warning that you have strong enemies that you need to get rid of soon.

    Most often, of course, the appearance of a rat is treated as something bad. In many dream books you can find many descriptions like "you are waiting for grief, pain, loss," and so on. In order not to worry and not expect the danger that is about to fall on you, just do not think about it. A rat in a dream is not necessarily a warning, it may just be a dream.

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