• What dreams of a sparrow in a dream?

    The sparrow bird symbolizes arrogance, unnecessary actions, empty speeches life spent in wanderings. In some circumstances, such a dream may indicate your inclination to help people, cordiality, kindness, and ability to listen.

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    What dreams of a sparrow in a dream, dream book
    What dreams of a sparrow in a dream, dream book

    Bird in the house

    According to the dream book sparrow in the house - gossip, negligence in conversations. You need to think twice before expressing your thoughts out loud. Reckless words can lead to a quarrel, serious problems.

    Catching a sparrow, chasing him - a chance meeting.

    Catch the bird, hold in your hands - a romantic acquaintance, love, wedding. There is a possibility that the dreamer may become pregnant in the near future.

    Not to catch - fail in personal matters. You will seek love, but you will not succeed in it.

    Miss - you do not hold on to your happiness, you can lose what you have.

    Dream interpretation says, if a sparrow fights in a pane of glass, wanting to get into the house - it is a harbinger of the death of someone from close people.


    Pluck the sparrow in a dream - to find a gullible person, rob him.

    Shoot - good luck, successfully completed business, achieving the goal, the benefits for themselves and other people.

    To keep in a cage - to disease, poor health.

    To eat a sparrow - in the near future new acquaintances are expected.

    Feed the birds from the hands or throw them crumbs - for an unmarried girl for the engagement, wedding.

    Many sparrows

    See a large number of sparrows - you are waiting for trouble, a lot of important things that require quick solutions.

    Birds dance on the fly - luxury, visiting beautiful places, creative success.

    Sparrows in a dream shout loudly, swear with crows - fun, celebration, drinking alcohol in a noisy company.

    Flying - important news or unkept promises.

    Running under their feet, tweeting - joy because of the well-being of children.

    See sparrows fighting with each other - you run into bureaucracy, official, government or legal affairs.

    A flock of birds - you will be discussed, to dismiss false rumors. Because of this, lose peace of mind, you will experience, take offense at other people's words.

    If a sparrow in a dream looks sad, sick, or crippled, thenshould prepare for the sad events. Seeing how the birds are swimming in a puddle - success due to the ability to skillfully lead the conversation. If you dreamed of a sparrow that feeds chicks - be careful with your relatives, you can offend them, this will lead to a quarrel.

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