• What is the dream of a black snake?

    February 18, 2015
    What is the dream of a black snake?

    Black snakes, like any other snake in a dream, mean the approaching bad weather. At the same time, this sign can also mean an opportunity to catch luck. It can often not be interpreted unambiguously. Because, as in most dreams, it all depends on the specific situation seen in the dream. Next, we consider in detail what the black snake dreams of for a man and a woman.

    Black snake in a dream

    Why dream of a black snake man, try to figure it out.

    • If a man saw a black snake in a dream, it could mean an approaching threat. That is how the eastern dream book interprets this dream. However, if a man grabbed the snake by the tail, it means that he will cope with any difficulties;
    • also this dream can mean overcoming fears;
    • The dream book of the 21st century interprets such a dream as a betrayal of a beloved woman.

    Now consider how the dream of the black woman interprets the black snake.

    • The modern dream book says that the black snake is a signal for action. This may mean that you are too slow to make important decisions;
    • if the snake bites you, it means you are at risk for some serious illness;
    • if you see a snake wrapping around you in a dream but not biting, it is a symbol of impending problems that do not pose a threat but require your attention;
    • to dream of a black snake that follows you on its heels - a sure sign of fear of people;
    • a snake that bites an apple or any other fruit means deceiving a loved one;
    • the snake in your hands or on your neck is a sign of the wisdom that you will gain;
    • According to the modern dream book, a black snake that crawls in a basket or a jug is a big misfortune that will occur because of the wrong decision you made.

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