• Why dream of shoes?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    July 31, 2012
    Why dream of shoes?

    The ancients believed that in a dream, our soul is separated from the body and sent to wander through other worlds. And what she saw there, can tell us the events of the near future in this reality. So, for example, I wonder what shoes dream about?

    Denise Lynn in her dream book says that if you see shoes in a dream, you need to take decisive steps in your life. Each act brings you closer to the dream and you should not miss such a chance.

    In the noble dream book of N. Grishina it is said that if you have dreamed of women's shoes, an interesting road or a quick but short-term success awaits you. If a man dreams that he wears women's shoes, then a sensual attraction awaits him.

    If in a dream you have lost your shoes, then expect obstacles in business. But if you mend shoes, then love will be a pleasure. You should pay attention to the dream in which you try on shoes. Such a dream foreshadows changes in life and, most likely, not for the better. If you are a family man, then the case may even go as far as a divorce.

    But if you just saw a shoe in the store - on the contrary, everything will be fine, especially in love affairs. And if you still bought them, then your happiness is in a completely different place, but it certainly exists and will find you.

    What dreams of new shoes, knows the gypsy dream book. You will be a successful businessman and, most likely, this success is associated with some upcoming country trip. If the shoes, on the contrary, are old and worn, then wait for anxiety. Perhaps such a dream warns about the imminent separation from a loved one.

    Eastern female dream book believes that a pair of new shoes promise you a new fan, and the old shoes, on the contrary, return to the old relationship.

    If you do not know what dream of white shoes, and the first thought is the analogy with white slippers in a coffin, then you have nothing to fear. Elegant white shoes foreshadows advancement on the career ladder.

    New clothes are always good, but it is better if they appear in reality, and not in our subconscious.

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