• What does the name Alina mean?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    July 7, 2011

    One of the most important questions that parents may face is the question of the name of the child. A huge number of names makes parents every year more and more seriously address this issue. As the saying goes: "As you call a ship, so it will sail."

    Often parents overestimate the importance of the meanings of names and begin to be guided mainly by their meanings, and not by their sympathies for the name.

    Let's turn to the female name Alina.

    What does the name Alina mean - interpretation

    First of all, the name Alina of Slavic origin. Formed from the names of Adeline, Albina, Alexander.

    The name Alina carries the following characteristics:

    • Pride, self-love, some despotism.
    • Before her, as she thinks, all doors are open.
    • He suffers defeat when he stops believing in himself.
    • One of the main features is diplomacy, which is used in all situations.
    • Well developed intuition.
    • The girl named Alina is well able to keep herself in hands and with dignity gets out of difficult situations.
    • Man of iron will.
    • Well aware of its attractiveness and has a good taste.
    • Able to draw attention to others.
    • Subtle feels of the opposite sex.
    • Many male traits in character.
    • The pursuit of leadership.
    • Usually achieves success in industries such as medicine, architecture, journalism, music and business.
    • It can be aggressive in certain situations.
    • Able to plan their lives.
    • Makes others work at their own pace.
    • Hurries to draw conclusions based only on their subjective opinion. Rationality in choosing a solution is not its path.
    • The extraverted personality is open to the world, loves the new, does not lock on its own problems and failures. Loves people and communication with them.
    • It adapts easily in different life situations, both in ordinary and in complex.

    If we turn to the etymology of the name Alina, we find that in Latin Alina means “alien”, “other”. However, in the French-German context, the name Alina means "noble".

    The characteristics described above correspond not so much to the name Alina, but rather to the people who wear it.Do not forget that the name does not determine the quality and success of a person in life. These indicators determine the very identity of the person. The name can only slightly affect the attitude to the person at the very beginning of communication.

    "The name turns the abstract concept of “enemy” into something unique and special, having a past and a future, ancestors and, perhaps, descendants, experiencing ups and downs".

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