• What is left eyebrow scratching for?

    March 26, 2015
    What is left eyebrow scratching for?

    For ordinary people, everything is significant - from what leg he stood up, what dreamed, where it was combed. There are interpretations of what the left eyebrow or right heel itches for (almost all itchy parts of the body are described in the section for what it itches ...) - and it depends only on you to pay attention to these “predictions” or go to a dermatologist just in case.

    In general, signs associated with itching in the eyebrows, describes the material For what itching, however, in our article we will examine in detail what it is for the left eyebrow.

    It should be noted that in most cases the left side of the body (and, accordingly, its sensations) speak of imminent troubles. This is easily explained: it is believed that it is precisely to the left behind the shoulder that the person has a personal demon that is detrimental, embarrassing and disturbing. The right side is “assigned” to the angel, which supports, helps and calms. So, why is it left eyebrow:

    1. Most often, eyebrows itch to meet. The left promises communication with a false hypocrite or a non-concealing negative enemy.
    2. Itching in the eyebrows can predict the way.But if the left eyebrow is itching, either the reason for the journey will be gloomy, or the path is hard, with troubles. Alternatively, guests may arrive. And again - if the left eyebrow is itchy, then it will be unpleasant to you people.
    3. Gossip. If the right eyebrow was scratched, it would mean that you are praised, but the left one says that they slander you.
    4. Another common reason for scratching your left eyebrow is to very strong and bright negative emotions (and therefore to the reasons that caused them). That is, you are waiting for melancholy, sadness, maybe humiliation. It would be scratched right, you would have waited ahead of joy and pleasant surprise.
    5. In pregnant women, a constantly itchy left eyebrow foreshadows the birth of a girl.

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