• What does the fashionable word "show room" mean?

    Recently in fashion circles it is increasingly possible to hear about “showrooms”, however, so many meanings are invested in this concept at the same time, that it’s not always possible to understand what is at the moment.

    Someone argues that there you can buy high-quality things "on the cheap", and someone is convinced that it is there where you can order brand clothes from the latest fashion collections.

    Too much mystery has been wound around showrooms lately, sometimes so called almost secret communities, to which only the “chosen” are allowed, and by strict agreement. Today, even some shops and boutiques have been renamed to showrooms! So what is it all the same?

    Secret shopping

    In fact, such a concept as “showroom” really has several concepts, in Europe, basically, these are exactly the places where samples of collections and fabrics from manufacturers are presented. Basically, big buyers come here or, in Russian, wholesale buyers, who, after preliminary inspections of the samples, make orders for entire collections for their stores.

    There, such showrooms or “showrooms” are quite normal, which can be organized either by the factories themselves or by distributors, that is, by firms that buy things from the factory and then sell them to small wholesalers.

    In general, if you are going to Europe and want to visit the showroom, then, most likely, stumble upon something similar and, frankly, not all of them are open to free visits, most often they are only available by appointment.

    In addition, the more famous the brand is, the more difficult it will be to get into its showroom. In total in Europe there are two main types: rooms with ready-made things that can be viewed and immediately purchased. There is a second option - halls with samples, there you can simply look at the collection by sample, order the models you like and expect to be made specifically for you.

    What are showrooms in our understanding? Rather, it is a kind of shop-salons, in which a small manufacturer or novice designer presents its products. Often things are sewn directly in it, mostly unique or piece models that can be made to the customer’s order.

    And finally, the third variant of the concept, which, by the way, is most often implied in our, so to speak, domestic showrooms, these are the places where several designers are presented for viewing and buying things at once.

    They can be known or not, most often such "shops" are not organized in large shopping centers, but somewhere in the apartment or in the outback of the city. Often they do not have any signs and special advertising, and they learn about their existence using the word of mouth, they, by the way, are often closed.

    There are even very small showrooms, whose owners, for the most part, present to the buyer things of some famous fashion houses brought from abroad. Here, the meeting is usually arranged in advance, the choice and range is quite small, but you can often find something unusual and interesting.

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