• What does it mean to give?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    February 4, 2015
    What does it mean to give?

    If your friends have a birthday or you go to visit them on the New Year, you can hardly disregard them. Most often, such a symbol of manifestation of attention, and maybe even feelings and attitudes towards someone, is a gift. And what does the verb "give", what is its lexical meaning, consider next.

    Grammatically putting the word into components, we will see that it consists of the prefix "by" and the infinitive "give." And because the meanings that the word acquires will depend on the meaning of the word “give” and the prefix “by.”

    The following meanings of the word “give” can be distinguished:

    • give free to someone else;
    • present as a gift.

    Adding the values ​​of both the prefix and the root part, we find that the word “donate” is very similar to the basic meanings of the word “give”, and the prefix only enhances the direction and the beginning of the action.

    In addition to these direct meanings of the word “give”, there are also portable ones that can serve as an expression of the essence of the gift, for example:

    • show any feeling, attitude towards someone that gives him joy, satisfaction;
    • deign, reward.

    So, we saw that the word “donate” is always aimed at giving a gift. But this gift can be both informal and formal as a reward or order. It may be material, but it may be a relationship, a recognition or expression of feelings.

    Gifts need to be able to choose, depending on the occasion of the gift, as well as the age and sex of the person to whom you want to make a gift.

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