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    Cooking children to school.



    Cooking children to schoolWhat do you need a little schoolboy to study? Usually at the parents' meeting, the teacher puzzles moms and dads with a huge list of what the child needs at school, and the task of the parents of first-graders is that the purchases should be of high quality, necessary, and all this should be sufficient. So, let's go through the list ...


    School uniform- the most responsible acquisition. Color is usually offered at the parent meeting. You have to guess the size so that the thing served longer (and the children grow so fast!) And does not look as if it is from someone else’s shoulder. Usually, the form is sewn from half-woolen fabrics, where two to three or more component blends are added to the wool fibers, for example, 40% wool, 40% lavsan and 20% viscose. Wool blend fabrics containing synthetic fibers are distinguished by low weight, low shrinkage, incompatibility, good fixation of folds and pleats with damp and heat treatment, which are well preserved when worn, after washing and dry cleaning.In a suit, the main thing is quality, otherwise, even if it costs cheaper, it will soon lose its decent look: puffs and sleeves of the jacket will be tightened, and fabrics will have crochets.


    Sports wear(the approach to the choice should be the same: the more natural, the better) and shoes (the optimal version of sneakers, sneakers or tennis shoes with Velcro, as many first-graders are not yet confidently cope with tying the laces).


    Indoor shoesIf it is required at school, it should be easy and comfortable, with a convenient fastener.


    Satchel or briefcase. The article examined in detail the benefits.


    A diaryBetter to take in paperback: and cheaper, and easier to wear.


    Notebooksfor starters buy 10 pieces per box and oblique with an extra line. Pay attention to the lines were clear - the kid will not have to strain his eyes while working.


    Drawing albums- do not take a lot, 2-3 pieces of 12-16 sheets are enough for a child to go to school.


    Colour pencilsToday they are presented in various options, but a beginner artist will have enough 12 colors.


    Pencilsthere are different, from simple to “clever”, but now the main thing is not beauty and the abundance of details, but practicality, ease and affordable price.


    Pen, pencil, eraser, rulerup to 20 cm in length - buy more of these tools: while the young student gets used to take care of such trifles, he will lose them.


    A set of brusheswith natural bristles (3-4 pieces of different sizes). They are a bit more expensive than synthetic ones, but draw with natural ones.child at schoolIt will be with pleasure, while others scratch the paper and spray paint.


    Watercolor paints- high-quality, but not honey: they are beautiful, but they dry for a long time, and this is not suitable for first-graders.


    Non-spill jar, it’s better to double to dip the brushes during the drawing: in one section the student will wash the brush, in the other - rinse.


    Plasticine, board, stack. Experienced parents claim that plasticine is only six colors.


    PVA glue- Enough little bottle with a brush.


    Scissorsmust be with round ends and fit to the small hand of the child.


    Technical constructor(at the request of the teacher).


    A set of covers for textbooksfor 1st grade.


    Colored paper and cardboard.


    Notebook folder(choose a light, transparent: it is more convenient).


    Record(do not waste immediately, they will be needed later).



    A couple of tips on equipping a small student.



    1) Things in your child’s briefcase must be light. Do not forget: each extra gram of weight in the amount will be kilograms that the child will have to carry behind his back.

    2) Parents should always monitor the posture of the child to avoid possible curvature of the spine in the baby. To do this, it is very important to teach him to properly fold the accessories into a satchel. Since there are several compartments in a school bag, heavy items (textbooks, an album for drawing) should be “live” in that. which is closer to the baby's back. Folder with notebooks and diary put in the middle compartment. And to small things (pencils, pens), take a place in the compartment furthest from the back or in the pockets of the satchel. If you distribute things in such a way, then the center of gravity of the burden will most of all be close to the axis of the child’s body. And then your kid will not have to slouch to overcome the weight of the portfolio. So we prepared everything that the child needs for school.

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