• What does a brownie look like?

    Angelica Artemyeva
    Angelica Artemyeva
    July 17, 2012
    What does a brownie look like?

    About the habits of a brownie is known much more than about its appearance. The brownie protects the house, he can wake the owners, warning of the danger, for example, a fire. Brownie loves when order reigns in the house, and to careless housewives can cause a lot of trouble: to hide the necessary things, to tangle the threads and even to beat the dishes.

    Brownie is a kind spirit at home. It is difficult to say what this creature is - maybe it is an alien from a parallel world, maybe some other form of existence of life unknown to people. Brownies live most often in village houses, but can live in a city apartment.

    What does a brownie look like? Definitely an answer to this question is difficult. All eyewitnesses who have seen the brownie, tell about him in different ways. Someone met a small thin old man with a long beard and long white clothes, someone had a stocky old man, his beard is not that long, and he was dressed in a canvas shirt, simple homespun pants, which were worn by peasants before, and in small bast shoes.And sometimes the brownie is in a smart blue caftan, girded with a red sash, but for some reason barefoot.

    What does a brownie look like

    Someone says that he was a brownie in the form of a cat. More precisely - a cat. As a rule, it is a large cat, smoky gray and with bright green eyes. None of those who saw the goblin in the image of a cat doubted that it was the spirit that was before them, and not the usual pet, but people couldn’t say exactly what was wrong with that cat.

    Another common image of the brownie: a strange creature resembling a ball overgrown with gray or whitish hair. Probably, this image is the closest to what a real brownie looks like. In addition, people who had a chance to feel the touch of a brownie, all as one, mention his shaggy warm paw and long cool claws.

    Most likely, he doesn’t like to show this true face of the house; he, as a true spirit, can change his appearance at will and is precisely in the image in which he is expected to be seen.

    In the meantime, if you do not meet with this spirit, you will not know what a brownie looks like. Photos can not be made. Either the film will light up, or in the place where there should be a brownie, just an incomprehensible white spot will appear.

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