• What is the dream of a baby?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    March 17, 2015
    What is the dream of a baby?

    According to the majority of dream-books, to see a baby in a dream - to well-being and prosperity, the beginning of a positive period in life. But not so simple.

    The exact interpretation depends on many factors - the appearance and health of the child, his behavior and your feelings.

    What can an infant dream about?

    If a man or woman dreams of the appearance of offspring, then such a dream foreshadows the speedy fulfillment of their desires. In this dream there is a hint about the sex of the future baby. If a baby is holding a man in her arms - expect a boy, if a woman is a big chance that you will have a daughter.

    Pay attention to the appearance and behavior of the baby. A happy, active and cheerful child promises you an easy, joyful life without any difficulties and sorrows. On the contrary, a crying, unhealthy-looking kid promises you troubles and confusions in real life.

    To see in a dream your own adult child, who suddenly became a baby again, to the need to change your attitude towards him.You may not want to admit to yourself that your child has grown up and still over-care for it. Give your children more independence.

    Do not be afraid if you had a dream about a dead child. To keep such a kid in a dream - to receive pleasant unexpected news in reality, to improve his financial situation.

    Breastfeeding means that soon you will successfully complete your work and will be ready to start new ones.

    Rolling a baby in a wheelchair foreshadows the happiness and joy associated with a quick journey. To hear the cry of a child is good news.

    To hold a healthy baby in your hands to a great family happiness, while a sick baby promises family quarrels and mutual resentment.

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