• What documents are needed for privatization

    The package of documents required for the privatization of housing

    In the event that you decide to take advantage of the last chance that the state provides to all those who rent housing under a social contract, to transfer it to private ownership, you need to collect a set of documents. You will need:
    - certificate in form No. 3 on the composition of permanently registered persons in this apartment, which must be obtained in the passport office;
    - technical passport for an apartment that was issued no later than 3 years prior to the current date;
    - if the residence permit has changed since 1991, you need a certificate from the previous place of residence that you did not use your right to privatization there;
    - a statement on the privatization of housing, signed by all adult members of your family.In the event that the house in which the apartment is located is in an emergency condition or is subject to demolition, you will not succeed in privatizing housing.
    You should contact your local Multifunctional Center (MFC) where you will be given an application form.The members of your family should sign it, presenting a passport, in the presence of the MFC inspector.

    Your actions for the privatization of housing

    If the social contract you have not yet drawn up, it must be issued on the basis of an apartment warrant. Enlist the privatization of all adult members of your family who are permanently registered in this living space. Make a technical passport to the apartment. In that case, when it will be noted that a redevelopment has been made, to which even the glazing of the loggia or balcony belongs, it will be necessary to obtain permission for it from the organs of architecture. After that, the technical passport is marked that there is a permit.If minor children live in the apartment, it is necessary to obtain permission from the guardianship authorities for its privatization. Note that this certificate has a validity period of 1 month.
    Minor children who permanently reside in this apartment, by law, will necessarily participate in the privatization. If at least six months before the current events, they were discharged from the apartment, you may be suspected of illegal fraud and infringement of the rights of minors, which is fraught with a refusal to privatize housing.Any adult person who is permanently registered in an apartment may refuse to participate in the privatization or transfer his right to it to any other family member.

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