• What do men like in women like?

    Often we do a lot of things to pay attention to us: we lose weight, we change hairstyles, we make ourselves up, we suffer from very tall heels, and all to no avail. We are puzzled that men like women, whom we consider frankly not attractive. Let us see why men choose some and reject others.

    What men like in women like - looks

    • Scientists have found that the main factor in the attractiveness of the female figure is not thinness or the ideal parameters of 90/60/90, but the ratio of waist circumference to hips is 0.7, that is, the waist makes up 70% of the hips. If this ratio is present, then the figure of a woman will be attractive even if she is far from being thin.
    • Preferences in hair and eye color are very individual for every man, but almost everyone likes moderate makeup, which simply emphasizes the eyes or lips, and does not look like a clown's mask.
    • Clothes - men like simple and clear styles of clothes, ideally light fitted dresses that fit the body well.Complicated cut, asymmetry, risky patterns, in all this it is better to show off in front of her friends, for most men it is not understandable. But if a young man follows the fashion or designs himself, he may like it. Men like colors that are clear and understandable, shades like beige, sand and pastel colors seem inexpressive to them, but almost everyone gets scarlet approval.
    • Sexuality - not to be confused with vulgarity. Many men have a very good imagination, which they like to use, if you are dressed in such a way that everyone has already shown and there is nothing to think about, the man is not interested. But the small cuts on the skirt in which a piece of leg can flash, this is already interesting. When dressing, choose one thing that you want to demonstrate legs, back, chest, yet the rest should not stand out.

    What do men like women like?

    • A man can be attracted by the similarity of your interests, someone may like the same football team, someone loves the same books, someone likes computer games, and someone watched the entire animated series about Spider-Man and can distinguish one comic universe from the other.Common interests and hobbies form in you a sense of community, they let a man know that the person next to him is like him and who understands him.
    • Your rating in his eyes can raise unusual hobbies, you can collect an interesting collection, or engage in a fire show, or search for songs with the same name. Every girl has something that distinguishes her from others and you can tell about it.
    • Norms, values ​​and attitudes - if you have the same view on a problem, this again convinces a man that you are alike, whether it is a vegetarian view of the work of a housewife. If your opinion about marriage, children and other things that make men and women together are the same, then this is good ground for a strong relationship.

    What men like in women like - behavior

    • Men like to be strong and domineering, nature has created them, so fragile defenseless girls attract them so much. Weakness is what men like in women like. Even if you know perfectly well that you can handle your huge suitcase better than him, give in and let him carry it.
    • Ask his advice or ask to tell about something that he knows well and what he understands - he will feel like a connoisseur, and your interest will only attract him.
    • Praise what he does, even when you praise not himself, but the results of his activities, he counts it as a compliment to himself. Surround him with approval and admiration.

    This is what men like in women like, but all men are different and an approach to each can be found only if you approach this individually. Good luck!

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