• What do goji berries look like?

    Andrey Kresrerev
    Andrey Kresrerev
    March 18, 2015
    What do goji berries look like?

    Goji berries, characterized by a beautiful appearance, have also many useful properties. The homeland of these berries is Tibet. Due to the similarity with the barberry they are called Tibetan barberry. Consider how goji berries look and what useful properties they have to help you be able to distinguish real goji berries from counterfeiting.

    The appearance of berries

    The bush of the Tibetan barberry usually blooms with white-violet flowers, and onlyGoji berriesafter that, small oblong berries begin to appear on it. Fruits initially have a red or orange color. Each berry pulp should be juicy. If you are offered to try such berries, then you should not do this, because in fact they are raw and contain substances that can harm the body. Goji berries should be consumed in dried form. Read more about how to use the berries in the article How to use Goji berries.

    Often, goji berries are confused with barberries, and many sellers use this, presenting barberries as goji berries, and the latter are much more expensive.Barberry usuallyGoji berrieshas a dark red or even brown color, while dried goji berries have a bright red tint, they are soft and shriveled. Inside the goji berry there are several bones, in the barberry there is one.

    Goji berries have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, they have a sedative effect, improve blood circulation, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it is believed that these berries contribute to a more rapid weight loss.

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