• What do girls like about guys?

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    What do girls like about guys?

    Arguing about tastes is a thankless task. We are all different and our preferences are also different. However, when it comes to sympathies and antipathies towards the opposite sex, then we can talk about some universal categories. For example, what do girls like about guys? Why some young people attract attention, while others seem to not exist for girls. What should a modern guy be to please a girl? Let's see.


    A person's appearance is the first thing that becomes an attractive or repulsive factor. Of course, love is evil. The girls forgive their beloved external imperfections. But first you need to please, pay attention to yourself! What guys attract modern girls?

    Athletic physique

    No, we are not talking about knobby muscles sticking out in all visible and invisible places. Of course, appreciable biceps and dice on the press are welcome. But the main thing is the general impression.Girls are attracted by guys with a taut figure: moderately slim, moderately pumped up. And the main thing here is the measure. Because too - this is not comme il faut.


    She can be any. There are no obvious preferences for modern girls. But! This should be exactly the hairstyle. Untidy, regrown hair, dandruff, greasiness - all this is clearly not in favor of the young man. So clean, trimmed hair - the main criterion in assessing hairstyles.



    Pleasant facial features - a relative concept. It does not matter what features nature has endowed you. It is important that the face is not gloomy and inhospitable. It is important that you have clear skin, an open look. Lightweight unshaven is welcome.


    Modern girls pay attention to young people dressed stylishly. Not according to the latest fashion, but in the spirit of the times. Naturally, the clothes should be clean, the things you put on should you go and emphasize all the virtues of the figure.


    Everything is complicated here. Someone likes fun, someone - romance. Someone will prefer an intellectual, and someone will be conquered by the brutal immediacy of the guy. And yet there are character traits, especially attractive to girls:

    • Decisiveness - girls do not like mumble.
    • Ability to take responsibility.
    • Generosity. And this is expressed not only in the desire of the guy to pay forGuya girl in a cafe or give her flowers for no reason. It is about generosity just like a character trait. That is, the ability of a person to share without self-interest.
    • Sociability. If the guy is able to start a conversation with the girl she likes, if he finds something to talk about with her friends or parents, this will be a clear bonus in his attractiveness.
    • Kindness. Surprisingly, but girls like good guys who are alien to cynicism and malevolence. Who can sympathize, can support and reassure.
    • Honesty is a quality that is not discussed.

    How to become attractive?

    As you know, any girl is waiting for her prince! And only an exceptional guy can claim this role. What does it mean?

    To become attractive in the eyes of a girl, you must stand out from the crowd. And thisGuyIt does not mean that outwardly you should look like a fairy-tale prince. Yes, handsome guys attract attention. But no more than that. How to attract the attention of the girl, except for external advantages?

    Make her notice you. Are you witty and joker? Do not extinguish and let your talent appear in the presence of the girl. Are you into sports? Achieve visible results in this field. Can you cook? Surprise the girl with your culinary talent. In short, remember that girls love heroes! And, above all, those who are capable of feats for the sake of a beautiful lady.

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