• What do domestic turtles eat?

    When choosing a pet, many decide to have a turtle. Such an exotic reptile will surprise and delight every owner. But it is very important to provide her with proper care, paying particular attention to nutrition.

    Let's talk about what they eat as land and aquatic turtles.

    Land Turtle Diet

    The home turtle is the most unpretentious in the care. After all, they are herbivores. Therefore, they can eat vegetable food. But what should feed the land tortoise anyway? Here is a list of staples for them:

    • spicy greens (dill, parsley, spinach, etc.);
    • sweet fruits (mangoes, bananas, and so on);
    • berries (raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and others);
    • various vegetables (tomato, potato, cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini and so on).

    Do not give land turtles black bread, milk, as well as feed and cereal, which are intended for other pets (dogs, cats, parrots, and so on). It is important to correct the ration for such turtles on the basis of products sounded above.So, from all food greens and vegetables should be up to 70%, fruits and berries - up to 25%, various additives - up to 5%.

    As for servings, everything is individual here, since at one or another age turtles consume different amounts of food. This factor also affects the time of year. Experts recommend giving such pets a cup filled with various foods and leaving it for 15-25 minutes. During this time, the turtle will have time to saturate your body. It is necessary to feed young individuals every day, and adults - 1 time in 2 days.

    Adhering to the correct diet, your tortoise will feel great. If you give her the wrong food, you may have a metabolic disorder and digestive problems. Therefore, do not neglect the recommendations presented.

    Water Turtle Diet

    Now let's talk about how to feed water turtles. Such exotic reptiles are carnivores. But this does not mean that they do not need to give vegetables, herbs and fruits. The diet of aquatic turtles should be varied and necessarily balanced:

    • Meat component - up to 65%. This food includes snails, mollusks, frogs, liver, earthworms, mice, live fish (small size);
    • Herbal component - up to 30%.This kind of food includes various types of lettuce, clover, carrots, vegetables, fruits, berries. Algae can also be given to turtles. They nourish their body well;
    • Additives - up to 5%. These include various vitamins, minerals, proteins.

    Feed water turtles, whose length is less than 10 cm, should be daily. If your pet is more than 10 cm, then you can give it food every other day. Adults can be fed 3 times a week. The amount of food - how much pet will have time to eat in half an hour. At the same time, it is better to feed aquatic turtles not in an aquarium, but in a separate tank, for example, in a basin. Then you do not have to often change the water in the main habitat of the pet.

    Food supplements

    It is very important to introduce into the diet minerals and vitamins intended for turtles. They can be purchased at many pet stores. Such additives must be given in dosages that are specified in the instructions, depending on the weight of the pet. Before they need to be thoroughly chopped. In order for turtles to better eat vitamins and minerals, they should be added to the mass prepared from gelatin (for aquatic species) or agar-agar (for land species).But it is necessary that it has a temperature not higher than 25 degrees.

    Calcium plays a huge role in the fortress of shell and bones of turtles. It is especially important that such an element is contained in additives for land turtles. After all, plant food contains the minimum amount of calcium. Add it to the diet, observing the dosage, because its excessive use can adversely affect health.

    Adhering to the correct diet, you can give the turtle many years of life. With careful care, land species live on average 35-40 years, and aquatic species up to 70 years.

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