• What color is suitable for blondes?

    Blondes are tender and sexy girls. They come in many colors, but still there are shades in make-up and clothes that further emphasize their attractiveness. This article will tell pretty girls what color is suitable for blondes and which one is not.

    Clothes for blondes

    If you are blond with blue, green or gray eyes, then clothing should choose soft and gentle tones. Under the green eyes go green things, under blue - violet-blue and just blue.

    If you want something bright and challenging, feel free to buy a new dress in red, but not very bright. The combination of gray with red will look especially good, your face will look luminous due to a blush on the cheeks, which will appear from a red glow. Another combination - black and white, will give you a piquancy, just do not overdo it with white, there should be more black.

    In order not to look tired and sick, do not wear bright red, greenish-yellow and pink colors of clothes, they will give your face the appearance of a pale statue.But there is one trick - combining these colors (let it be a topic or a jumper) with a white suit, you will look cheerful and fresh. Pure white color is not worth wearing. Bright orange, red and gray are best worn in small quantities, for example, at the waist, shoes or purse.

    Choosing clothes depending on the color of the eyes

    If you are a gray-eyed blonde, you are very turquoise color of any saturation and pink-gray shade. Green-eyed will be good not only in shades of green, but also in dark blue, green-purple and brown-orange. Wear dark-colored clothes in the winter, because in the summer you will look dark in it.

    Blue-eyed or gray-eyed blondes with pronounced features and a blush can freely wear bright colors. The color of clothes for blondes of this appearance is chosen more easily, in particular, they are green, which is in perfect harmony with the blush, emphasizing the beauty and tenderness of the face. Wear gray suits with bright colorful accessories in the office and dark blue dresses for dinner in the restaurant. But in any case, do not wear pale yellow, purple and pink clothes. If it is black, then combine it with white.Red with white wear freely.

    Dark-haired girls with blond hair are suitable green and blue shades. They are also well-dressed in such colors: yellow with violet, pure purple, blue with orange and cherry. When choosing gray tones, combine them with bright colors so that your dark skin does not look gray. Blondes with skin and brown eyes are just perfect in chocolate shades with bright accessories, as well as in red-brown, gray-yellow and soft purple.

    Makeup for blondes

    Make-up fair-haired girls should be as gentle as they are, and not disturb their natural beauty. Use brown or gray eyeliner instead of black. Forget about black eyeliner, so much contrast to you. Ashy blonde blonde suits brown pencil, and light brown and bright white - gray and brown.

    Shadows are selected based on eye color. Light blond blonde will not fit too bright colors (purple, bright pink), because their image will be frankly defiant. It is better to use pastel shades of bright colors. It looks great soft pink or purple. Golden hair involves the use of dark purple or mauve. Ashes - golden brown and cream.

    Blondes with brown eyes

    Here is your traditional palette for the eyes: shades of gold, bronze, peach and beige. Powder - yellowish-pink or bronze. Lipstick - yellowish-pink or pink: when tanning - coral and orange.

    Blondes with blue eyes

    Consider the shade of hair and eye color. You are perfect pink and flesh and pink light powder. Lipstick should be used in coral pink color. Eyeshadow is better than silver, light blue or blue.

    Blondes with green eyes

    Colors suitable for blondes with this eye color should be warm shades. For example: peach, brown, golden, dark chocolate, dark green. Shadows - dark green with a golden sheen, honey, metallic luster, plum. Eyeliner is better than brown, white or golden. Light pink or coral lipstick.

    I hope our tips will help you to create your own bright or delicate, but very memorable image, because now you know how to choose the color of clothes for blondes, as well as use suitable colors in makeup!

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