• What can I give my mother?

    In search of a gift for mom for a birthday or other holiday, any person will sort out a bunch of options, but it will be difficult enough to stay at one of them, because it often seems that you can find something better. Let's talk more about what you can give your mother.

    Choosing a gift for mom

    Gift of interest

    When choosing a gift mom should remember about her preferences. Perhaps she likes to grow flowers; in this case, you can give her a rare flower, which she will later propagate and sell for a lot of money. If mother grows flowers in the garden, then a great solution would be to present her with a new kind of roses.

    If your mom's hobby is cooking, you can give her a set of ceramic knives. However, in this case, the birthday girl will have to give you at least one ruble for such a gift, since knives are usually not presented; but with such a gesture, she kind of buys them from you. In addition, an excellent solution would be to give her something from home appliances, which will help her in cooking:

    • multicooker;
    • mixer;
    • vegetable cutter;
    • steamer;
    • coffee press.


    A great gift for any lady will be jewelry, because there is never a lot of them, moreover, it is a good investment. Recall what your mother would like to buy for herself: she may be dreaming of earrings with rubies, grenades or chrysolites or a sapphire ring. If you have the opportunity, fulfill her dream, in return you can see the eyes of your loved one shining with happiness. But this is the highest award that can not be bought for money.

    If you don’t know what exactly the birthday woman wants, you can go on a simpler way and give your mother a certificate for buying a jewelry item. So she will be able to choose what she really likes, and if she does not have enough of the amount specified in the certificate, she can easily add to buy her a worthy decoration.

    If you know that your mother loves jewelry, you can give her a jewelry box for storing them. Look for exclusive options in stores made from expensive materials. Such a gift will be to her heart and become a real pride.

    Beauty Gifts

    All women want to be beautiful at any age, so they can safely give gifts that will support their beauty.This may be cosmetics, a certificate for attending procedures in the salon, a gym membership or yoga. It all depends on the preferences of the birthday girl. You can also consider the option of a gift certificate for the passage of therapeutic massage or acupuncture. This will only benefit your mom, and she will become healthier.

    With the care of the birthday girl

    Consider the options for gifts that will take care of your mom when you are not around her. These may be the following items:

    • warm blanket;
    • humidifier;
    • water filter;
    • heater;
    • table lamp or lamp;
    • air conditioning winter-summer;
    • expensive terry bathrobe.

    Such gifts will be good for women who are already over 45. For more options for similar gifts, look in our article What to give your mother by 50.

    Gifts for the business woman

    If a mother leads an active lifestyle, spending a lot of time at meetings, conferences and seminars, then in this case, a good gift will be something from the business accessories. It may be:

    • expensive wallet or key;
    • stylish organizer;
    • pen "Parker";
    • diary with the original design.

    Unusual gifts

    Also consider the original options for gifts for mom. She will surely like a pillow on the sofa with an unusual embroidery, a decorative table or her portrait, where she will appear in an unexpected way. You can also give her a photo album, which will include her most successful photos; You can also add family pictures to it. Or give her a set in which you can put a photo of a family member on each item. Mom will be delighted with such a present.

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