• What can you give a grandmother?

    For grandmothers, any, even the most insignificant and impractical gifts from adorable grandchildren are valuable. But it’s still great to make a dear person’s heart not only a pleasant but also a necessary good gift. We suggest together to think what it can be.

    Purchased gifts


    As older women, various knitted sweaters and cardigans, shawls that give a feeling of comfort and do not let them freeze will be appropriate. Also for the grandmother, you can choose an elegant scarf, which can be worn on the head and shoulders. If a grandmother prefers an elegant feminine style, then it is quite possible to present her with a pretty hat. As things for home wear, you can present a soft "gentle" robe, slippers.


    Ladies of balzakovskogo age especially go products from pearls, pomegranates, amber - you can find not very expensive, but very elegant solid headsets. Also fashionable grandmothers wonderfully fit massive jewelry from other stones - opal, onyx, rock crystal.And it is quite possible to donate both gold and silver products.

    Eyeglass frame

    If your grandmother wears glasses, then an elegant stylish expensive frame will be a wonderful and necessary gift that will beautify the image and emphasize the status of a woman of solid age.

    Home Appliances

    If granny gets along with the technique, then you can safely please her with a new assistant for the house. Just keep in mind that the device must be selected as easy, convenient and easy to use, because you are making a surprise to a person at the age who has not so much strength and energy.


    This version of the gift, despite all its seeming banality, is always relevant. If you are not sure about the grandmother’s literary preferences, then you can always present a gift version of a famous culinary publication. True, it would be better to refuse new-fashioned books for some professional French cuisine - it is unlikely that lobsters, unusual spices and exotic fruits will be in your grandmother’s fridge. You can also give a book on needlework. Make sure that the font of the publication is large enough, and the descriptions, instructions were given accessible language to an elderly person.

    Things for home

    There are a lot of options here.It can be a fluffy carpet, a beautiful mirror in a luxurious frame, bed linen, a new piece of furniture to replace the worn-out old, a tablecloth, dishes, a floor lamp, etc. Just remember how grandmother lives and try to think what she is missing in the house.


    Active grandmothers will certainly appreciate the opportunity to relax outside the home walls. Buy a ticket for a tour of the holy places, a trip to a holiday home or sanatorium. Give your grandmother a trip to another country rich in history and culture (so that there is something to see).


    A certificate for a visit to a first-class dentistry or a cosmetology / massage room will be quite a good gift from a grandson. You can also donate participation in a master class in cooking or needlework. Surely many grandmothers will be pleased with the ticket to the concert of their favorite artist, to the exhibition, to the theater.

    DIY gifts

    Of course, things made by you personally will be doubly pleasant for a loved one. But if the gift does not carry any large practical load, then it is better to present it as an addition to the really necessary and valuable gift.Among the things that you can give your grandmother:

    • Knitted napkins and tablecloths for the table, patchwork rugs and rugs;
    • Beautiful frames with shared photos. Of course, you will have to decorate them yourself. Or an entire album made using scrapbooking;
    • You sewed an apron and pot holders;
    • A hand painted vase or decorative dish, an original decorated set of jars for spices and cereals;
    • A picture or composition of herbarium placed in a frame under glass;
    • Jewelry box or thread;
    • Embroidered towel;
    • Cute cushions for pillows on which you decorate, for example, with beads, embroidery and sequins.

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