• What can not be for menstruation?

    Anna Kazakova
    Anna Kazakova
    November 30, 2012
    What can not be for menstruation?

    During the “critical days,” the beautiful half of humanity has to limit itself to some familiar things. And this question is not only and not so much aesthetics (“Do not wear white, not to wear a tight fit”), but also women's health. What can not be done with monthly?

    It is highly undesirable to take a bath, swim in the pool or in natural waters. Indeed, these days the cervix is ​​ajar, and bacteria can get there. It is fraught with various infections and inflammations. Some women think that you can safely swim during menstruation with a tampon. However, in this case, there is a risk that the water, after soaking the tampon, will fall inward, and with it all the microbes.

    What can not be during menstruation? You can not have sex without a condom. During this period, it is much easier to get infected with a disease. Even if you have a regular partner in which you are sure, it is better to protect yourself during your period. Your body is more susceptible to various inflammations and infections during menstruation.

    Many believe that it is impossible to go in for sports during menstruation. This is not entirely true. You can do warm-ups and simple elements. But heavy physical exercise, such as weightlifting and long-distance running, especially in the first two days, it is better to postpone, since they can increase bleeding. However, for 3-4 days with normal state of health you can start full-fledged sports.

    Aspirin-based medications can also increase bleeding. So if you feel unwell, it is better to take drugs with analgin.

    Since the blood during menstruation coagulates worse than usual, it is better, if possible, to postpone the operation at another time.

    Most importantly, remember that menstruation is the normal state of the female body. This is not a disease. Therefore, there is no need to lock up at home and comply with bed rest. Maintain a normal lifestyle, but always listen carefully to your body. He will certainly tell you the best way to behave these days.

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