• What can be made of twine and glue? Of course, a masterpiece!

    Have you ever wondered how versatile a string is? It is actively used in various techniques of decor, sometimes striking the imagination of simplicity in work and the grace of the resulting thing. This sophisticated fruit bowl is one of such handicrafts. It looks so original that I can’t even believe that it only required a cord and glue to create it. However, everything is really that simple!


    • PVA glue and plate;
    • twine;
    • scissors;
    • food film;
    • deep bowl, plate of suitable size.

    1. First you should wrap the bowl with food film.

    2. Prepare glue and string. Cut approximately 12 pieces of 40 cm.

    3. Fold the string in a bowl with glue, let it soak.

    4. Start randomly winding pieces of string on a bowl. Make sure that the edges of the string fastened together.

    5. After 8-9 pieces of string, the bowl will be sufficiently covered.

    6The remaining 3-4 pieces of twine wrap nicely around the bowls, as if securing the entire structure.

    7. Make sure all the ropes are intertwined with each other. If you think that there is too little glue somewhere, add it.

    8. Leave the structure to dry. This may take about a day.

    9. As soon as the string and glue are dry, it will not be difficult to get a vase - it keeps its shape perfectly.

    10. Get the vase, remove the film - it will easily move away from the string. Noticeable glue residue on the string can be carefully cut off.

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