• What can android?

    The history of the emergence of the Android OS as one of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices began in 2008. It was this year that HTC demonstrated the capabilities of the new T-Mobile G1 mobile phone on the Android 2.1 platform. Today this platform is very popular and is used by millions of people every day. In this article we will consider all the advantages that allowed this platform to take such a high position in the market.

    What can Android: interface

    The structure of the Android OS is very similar to Google Chrome browser. Platform developers provide phone manufacturers with the opportunity to change some functional components, as well as completely change the visual component. Samsung, for example, took advantage of this opportunity, launching its Galaxy S2 and TouchWiz interface, as well as the NTS with their HTC Sence 4 development. At the same time, for example, in iPhone, only iOS developers can create an interface. Thanks to this, you can choose a smartphone or tablet, which is not only like the technical characteristics, but also the design of the operating system.

    Widgets Android 4.0

    A great many applications running on the Android OS have widgets in their arsenal that allow you to quickly launch a program from the desktop. And Android version 4.2 supports such a function as manual resizing of the widget, which is very convenient, because with this function, any Android user can allocate free space on the desktop of a mobile device.

    Device prices

    Android devices are pretty cheap. Budget smartphones start at about 3000 rubles. Regardless of the price of the device, it is always the same functional, fast and modern Android operating system.

    Play market

    The Android application store allows you to download for free a huge number of applications that on other platforms can only be offered for money. Play Market is constantly growing, and there are more and more new applications that extend the capabilities of smartphones and tablet computers.

    Memory card support and file storage

    Due to the partially open file structure of the Android OS, a smartphone on this platform is very easy to connect to a computer and perform almost any operations with files on the phone.This is very convenient if there is no regular flash card. Also, almost all devices on the Android OS support Micro SD cards, which allow expanding the device's memory by 16, 32 or even 64 GB. This allows you not to overpay for the device, as it happens, for example, with the iPhone.

    Install Updates

    Update the gadget to the latest version of Android is very simple, and for this you do not need to connect to a computer. If the device is connected to a more or less fast Internet, then even with an upgrade from version 2.3.5 to versions 4.0-4.1, there will be no problems.

    Reading files

    Due to the fact that the Android OS has a wide range of applications, almost any file that opens in a regular PC can be opened on a device on this platform. Files of music, video, documents and even files of graphic editors - all this can be easily opened on an Android device.

    Connect with other devices

    The Android OS makes it easy to connect two devices together (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). Thanks to this, it is very easy and fast to share any files, as well as to give your smartphone or tablet a variety of functions when interacting with other devices (connecting a car radio, surveillance cameras, etc.).

    Google services

    Another very good quality of the Android OS is that with the device on this platform, almost all Google services are available to the user. This search, mail, drive, Google+, translator and many other services that we all used to use on the computer. Access to services is opened through convenient applications, and the ability to synchronize makes the process of transferring personal data from a computer to a mobile device very, very convenient.

    The disadvantages of Android OS

    Despite the huge number of advantages, this platform has some drawbacks, among which the most often referred to as high power consumption and slowing down of the operating system over time. However, it is fair to say that these shortcomings are completely or partially eliminated by the developers of mobile devices and new versions of Android, which create battery saving modes and constantly improve the code for writing the OS.

    Summing up the article, I want to say that now the Android platform is the leading mobile OS in all respects. Android is a stable, modern, fast and convenient operating system that allows you to maximize the use of cloud resources and new developments in the field of Internet technologies.

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