• What business to open in a small town?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    August 18, 2011
    What business to open in a small town?

    It would seem that it may be a grove to open a business in a small town. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, food, cosmetics and clothing. That which is always in demand. But in the market for this product, even in a small city, you will immediately encounter great competition. In this case, competition can be avoided by opening immediately a network of such stores. But for a beginner businessman it is hardly possible.

    The usual business model in a small town to "buy and resell." But this is no longer relevant, since trips abroad and to larger cities became available to many people in order to buy the same for less money there. And those who are engaged in import (these are mainly large companies) have long occupied their niches and they are out of competition. Laws meet the requirements of large entrepreneurs and close wholesale warehouses and markets where cheap goods were bought by shuttles and resold in their small towns.

    There is another option: to come up with a business model adapted for its unique city, based on the needs and character of the inhabitants. Rely on some conditions:

    • in small towns there are no large enterprises and institutions, respectively, the level of income in them is low
    • do not look back at major cities, the mentality of the metropolis and the provincial city has a huge difference
    • After analyzing local features, it is worth going to a large neighboring city. What is fashionable there, sooner or later will become relevant here. You might be ahead of someone with an idea.

    Based on this, I advise you to pay attention to such options:

    • jewelry store (always relevant, and for women of any age)
    • shop for needlework (embroidery, knitting, etc.)
    • a shop or a chocolate shop of exotic sweets and chocolate
    • department of the type "all for fifty rubles"
    • tea or coffee shop (it can be combined with chocolate)
    • Dumplings (just dumplings, so that nothing more is cooked there, only dumplings, different)

    It seems to me that it is in a small town that a specialized store will be interesting; most likely, this can surprise and attract attention. I think from this list you can choose something to your liking, to adapt to the population, analyzing age groups and their needs. Carefully calculate and think about various scenarios, promotions, promotions. Do not spare this money. It is important to make your business relevant.

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