• What are useful hydrogel masks?

    In the beauty world, new cosmetic products are constantly emerging, including innovative and state-of-the-art products. One of them is hydrogel masks. Find out what it is.

    What it is?

    Hydrogel masks are modern products that have a jelly-like consistency. This product looks like a thin canvas applied to the face. The basis of such masks is the so-called hydrogel - jelly-like substance consisting of highly porous substances that hold water, the content of which reaches 95%. The main function of this category of products is moistening, but they can perform other tasks, depending on the composition.

    In addition to the masks, there are hydrogel patches, which are pieces of jellylike cloth, designed for different areas of the face: for the areas around and under the eyes, the nose, the forehead, the chin. Most often, they have a rounded drop-shaped form, repeating the natural curves and outlines of the problem areas of the face.

    An interesting fact: like many other beauty novelties, hydrogel masks appeared in Asian countries.They have long been popular among residents of Korea, Japan and China, but gradually begin to conquer Europe.

    How to act?

    Why are such masks useful, how do they work? The hydrogel sheet is superimposed on the face and covers it almost completely, leaving only the nostrils, mouth and eyes open. Under the influence of body temperature, the hydrogel begins to heat up and dissolve, ensuring maximum adhesion of the mask to the skin and deep penetration into its deep layers of the product components. Water particles also enter the dermis, providing intensive hydration. Enhances the effect of the greenhouse effect created by the air leaking jelly-like web. A highly porous substances provide the elimination of toxins.

    What components can be included?

    The basis of any hydrogel mask is a hydrogel consisting of water-containing highly porous substances and having a gel-like consistency. Also, the composition may include other components that affect in different directions. These are elastin, peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid, proteins, antioxidant compounds.

    Some products contain natural ingredients of plant or animal origin: snail mucin, essential oils, extracts and extracts of plants and their fruits, and so on.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    First, consider the advantages:

    • Hydrogel masks will provide comprehensive care for the skin of the face: in addition to intense deep moisturizing, they can have an impact in other areas, such as nutrition, lifting, eliminating signs of aging, normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands, rejuvenation, improving the color of the skin and so on. Each woman can choose a suitable product.
    • Extremely simple and comfortable application. It is not necessary to apply and evenly distribute the product for a long time, to soil hands. In addition, the mask does not cause any discomfort, there may be only a slight tingling, burning sensation or feeling cold, depending on the constituents.
    • After application and adhesion to the skin, the mask is securely fixed and remains on the face even with active facial expressions. Therefore, you can simultaneously improve the condition of the dermis and engage in routine activities, which is especially important for busy girls and women.
    • A minimum of pollution. During the application and after it, the face, hands and cosmetic bag remain absolutely clean, so you do not have to wash or wipe anything.


    • Many hydrogel masks are more expensive than conventional ones.
    • Such remedies may not be suitable for girls or women with very oily skin, although if you choose a mask with matting effect, the situation can be changed for the better.
    • Most products are made by foreign brands, so finding them on the shelves of even large stores of cosmetics is not easy. Most likely, as the popularity of funds grows, the situation will change, and now you can place an order via the Internet.

    Application features

    The use of hydrogel face masks is extremely simple:

    1. Wash and clean the skin. You can use your usual lotion or tonic. Let your skin dry.
    2. It is most convenient to apply the mask in a horizontal position, so lay down or throw your head back.
    3. Remove the mask from the package, pick it up and put it on your face, straighten it, and then wait for it to spread out and fix on your face.
    4. Keep doing the usual things while the product is active.
    5. After thirty to forty minutes (the exact time is indicated in the instructions for use on the product packaging) simply remove the mask and discard.
    6. Evaluate the effect and enjoy well-groomed, beautiful, moisturized and healthy skin of the face!

    Famous Brands

    If you decide to purchase a hydrogel mask, then choose a product of a proven and well-known brand. The most popular and specializing in the tools of this category are Holika Holika, Royal Skin, SKIN79, Epfora, KOELF, Scinic, Secret Key, Kims, Tony Moly.

    Now your knowledge about beauty and cosmetics has been replenished, and you know what hydrogel masks are, and also why they are needed. It remains only to evaluate them in action.

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