• What are the walls made of?

    Planting a tree, raising a son, building your own house - these are tasks worthy of a real man. The house is a very serious matter, it is necessary that he firmly stood for more than a dozen years. This can be facilitated by the correct selection of building materials for the walls of the building, taking into account the most important characteristics and purpose. What are the walls made in modern construction?


    Many private homes are still being built of brick. Its main advantages are: it is not afraid of fire, it is rather durable, its service life is rather long. The strength of brick walls allows to block them with reinforced concrete slabs when erecting a high-rise building with spacious rooms. This building material has good insulating properties: in the winter in such a house is warm, and in summer - not hot. Some use bricks and for facades at home.

    Aerated concrete and foam concrete

    Lightweight concrete in the modern construction process is also gaining popularity. The physical, mechanical indicators of the blocks are much higher than those of ordinary bricks.In addition, the foam is practical and easy to use. The walls of the house are built in a short time, which is also important. Blocks are considered environmentally friendly material, durable and lightweight, with insulating properties. And during its transportation, as a rule, there is no waste. Walls made of aerated concrete blocks are not subject to shrinkage, retain the specified parameters for many years.


    This environmentally friendly material has not lost its position in modern construction. As in ancient times, houses are still being built of wood (even multi-storey), and even more so - walls. True, construction technologies have changed: they are now offering log houses according to previously prepared drawings, with parts already cut out and treated against fire and moisture penetration. Something like a designer, which allows in a very short time to build a building on an empty site. And besides - inexpensive. The durability of such a house, as the developers claim, is not a dozen years. So that the wooden walls and the house itself - the best choice, if you need to urgently line up, fit in a fairly small amount.Wooden walls contribute to the creation of a good microclimate in the dwelling: an optimal ratio of humidity and temperature. The most commonly used tree species are spruce, larch, cedar, pine, fir. This wood is very durable and does not rot. Material disadvantages include: Flammability and exposure to microorganisms. But modern building materials are carefully processed with special compounds that extend the service life.

    All of the above materials are used for the construction of strong load-bearing walls. For the construction of partitions traditionally use lighter materials: drywall, plywood, metal frames, sheathed with sawdust plates. Here the main thing - the creation of the form, not the strength of the wall. Interroom arches are made of the same materials.

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