• What are the types of injuries of the knee joint and their treatment?


    Damage to the knee joints and their diagnosis

    Knee injuries show that there are several subtypes of damage to the calyx, meniscus, and other large ligaments. In order to prescribe a qualified treatment, the traumatologist must correctly determine the type and extent of damage to the leg. The problem of injury to the knee joint is characteristic of people of different ages, including children. Especially often professional athletes apply to the clinic, putting the maximum load on the musculoskeletal system during training.

    Due to the complexity of the joint structure, it is almost impossible to correctly determine the type of damage without qualified assistance. For diagnostics experts use:

    • x-ray examination;
    • MRI;
    • palpation;
    • visual inspection;
    • CT

    On the basis of the data obtained, the optimal therapeutic method is selected, the patient is prescribed additional physiotherapeutic procedures and therapeutic massage, accelerating the regeneration of the damaged system.

    knee injury types

    Knee injuries: types

    Based on the symptoms, patient complaints and data from the examination, the traumatologist determines the type of injury. Most often, doctors qualify such damage to the knee of a limb:

    1. Injury. It is considered the easiest to sever damage. It is treated on an outpatient basis. The problem arises as the result of a blow or a fall.
    2. Rupture of the meniscus. A characteristic problem for athletes whose musculoskeletal system is exposed to enormous loads every day. Injury is considered to be quite complicated, in the overwhelming majority of cases, treatment requires urgent surgery.
    3. Stretching. Arise under the action of a large traumatic force. Such a diagnosis is most often established after an accident, a fall from a great height or in athletes involved in running, hockey, wrestling.
    4. Dislocation or fracture. The most rare injuries of the knee of the lower limb, resulting from a fall.

    The characteristic symptoms of knee injuries of any severity is a sharp pain, swelling, stiffness of movement and bruising in the hurt place. To establish a more accurate diagnosis and qualify the injury will only help a specialist.

    knee injury treatment


    Knee injuries always give the patient acute pain.Therefore, the first therapeutic measure in the treatment of the patient in a specialized clinic is anesthesia. After freezing the pain in the hurt place, the client is sent for a detailed examination.

    Next, a program of therapeutic interventions. In most cases, the patient is recommended to apply a tight bandage. If blood enters the joint (hemarthrosis), the patient is prescribed a puncture. After the procedure, it is necessary to re-check, if necessary, repeat the puncture. Manipulation is necessary in order to avoid suppuration and sepsis. Any injury should be fully cured if the injured person enters the hospital as soon as possible.

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