• What cars are there?

    We all have long been accustomed to, that the world around us is divided into classes and categories, it makes life easier. There was an exception to the use of classification and for cars. In our today's article, we will consider the European classification, as Russia also applies it. So, consider what kind of cars you drive in Europe and in Russia.

    Car classification

    Class A

    This class owns small-sized and small cars, the purpose of which is usually operated in the wilds of the concrete jungle, that is, in the city. The length of these machines does not exceed 3.5 meters, and the width is up to 1.5 meters. Typical representatives - Oka, Smart, Ford K.

    Class b

    Very popular in Europe is the class of cars, most of which are equipped with a hatchback body and front-wheel drive. The length of these machines is no more than 4 meters, and the width is 1.5-1.7 meters. Typical representatives are - Tavria, Opel Corsa, Fiat Punto.

    Class C

    Also referred to as the lower middle class, or golf class. The length of such cars varies from 4 to 4.5 meters, and the width from 1.5 to 1.8 meters. Typical representatives - familiar to us Lada and Lada of all models, VW Golf, Opel Astra.

    Class D

    Considered the middle class.Probably the most developing, whose representatives are competing with the machines of the E class. This squad includes cars whose length is 4.5 - 4.7 meters, and the width 1.6 - 1.8 meters. Representatives are Volga 24, Volga 3110, Audi A4, Opel Vectra, VW Passat.

    Class E

    The class is above average, the car more representative type. Length more than 4.5 meters, width above 1.8 meters. Representatives are - Renault Safrane, Opel Omega, BMW 5 Series.

    Class F

    If you ask, what is the best car, we will answer that it is represented by class F. In this class are concentrated comfortable and powerful cars, and therefore also carries the name "luxury" or "representative class". The length of these machines is always over 4.6 meters, and the width is more than 1.7 meters. Typical representatives are - Gas Chaika, BMW seventh series, Jaguar XJ8.

    Well, now we consider the options for car bodies. Let's start with the closed body types.


    One of the most common types of cars. A distinctive feature is the three-volume body, in which there are three components - the interior, the trunk and the engine compartment. Sedan can be found in any class of car. Sedan was created for the convenience of passengers, and therefore in a small class there are almost none, and in the executive class they are more common.


    Also quite common type of car. A distinctive feature - the allocation of two compartments, engine and passenger, the latter is combined with the luggage compartment. The trunk acts as an aid. If necessary, the rear row of seats in the five-door version can be folded to increase the luggage compartment. Hatchback is a three-door. This option is more sporty.

    Station wagon

    Such cars also have a two-volume body like hatchbacks, but the emphasis is placed more on the possibility of transportation of oversized cargo. On such a machine can be transported as a pram, and a refrigerator or cabinet. Typically, such a plan five-door cars. We wagons are often called combi.


    A limousine differs from a sedan in that it is safer to negotiate passengers. This is done using a special partition between the driver and passengers. But it's not only in this partition. Limousines are much longer than sedans and, therefore, everything in the cabin is made for the comfort of passengers. These are luxury cars and they are noticeably more expensive than regular sedans. You can equip a limousine with anything to create additional comfort, as long as your bank account has at least six zeros.


    Machine with two-door body.Machines are usually bought because of the sporty image, because this class cannot boast of special capacity. But the coupe has a rigid suspension and features of the gearbox, so they are not quite suitable for traveling around the city. If you ask, what is a fast car, we will answer that coupe-class cars are usually equipped with sport engines and are designed for fast driving.


    Hardtops are only sedans or coupes, and their distinguishing feature is the lack of pillar. Began its development in America, about 50 years.

    We now turn to the types of cars with open bodies.


    The most common type of car with an open body. A convertible is usually a four-seater, and its secondary feature is the possibility of lowering the windows. A convertible must be at least as long as a golf car. Mostly bought by young people, but you can also find representative cabriolets, which go to the rulers of states during public holidays or speeches.


    If you are thinking about how to choose a car for walks or trips on a deserted highway at high speed, you definitely need to purchase a roadster class car, the difference of whichis a sporty body shape, reclining top and having only two seats.

    And cargo body.


    Here, an indicator of what cars are reliable, roomy and powerful. This body type pickup. The rear cargo compartment of the car is separated from the four or double cab. The compartment is usually designed as a platform. Machines of this kind are made more durable because of their use in difficult conditions.


    The van differs only in that its luggage compartment, on cancellation from the pickup, has a roof. There are also not only cargo vans, but also vans designed to carry passengers.

    I hope you enjoyed our article, and you were able to figure out what kind of cars there are by class and body parameters.

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