• What are stereotypes?

    Being a social being, man most of the time is surrounded by other people. In making a decision, in thinking, in the course of any of his activities, a person operates with some existing knowledge about the surrounding reality. As a rule, the human brain is designed so that information is processed as simply as possible, that is, the brain itself is looking for the most simple ways of thinking and solutions. A person received several variants of information about something during his life, analyzed, synthesized, in general, singled out a general and created a simplified version in his thinking. So it is easier to remember. Actually what is it all about? We read further.

    Stereotypes in a person’s life

    Now we continue the conversation started earlier. What are stereotypes, where did they come from and what role do they play in our life?

    We will not go deep into the roots of this concept and consider how stereotype is understood in sociology and psychology.

    A stereotype is a simplified, generalized view of some events, events, actions, etc., an established relationship to them.

    The simplest example is to catch the point: stupid blondes or women driving are dangerous. There is no sound logic and reason for this, but there are stereotypes. Think so many, others support.

    The origins of stereotypes

    At the beginning we have already said that it is more convenient for a person to think simply. From nature, man seeks to save energy, including thinking. Often it even happens that a person acquires that very simplified idea not from his own experience, but from the words of others. Well, when this information is confirmed only once in a person’s life, then that’s it, definitely. A woman on the road prevented driving - the only reason is that she is a woman (perhaps if the man were driving, the act would have been explained by other reasons). It's just that easier.

    Another example: Italians are passionate people and they only eat spaghetti (and other types of pasta) and pizza. How many people think so? And how many of them have ever seen an Italian or talked to him? Surely, and you have an idea about them, and maybe there are ideas about what are Russians? ..

    Stereotype functions

    We are talking about one of the functions throughout the entire conversation. It comes from the very notion of what a stereotype is.Saving effort, avoiding excessive fatigue.

    Another function of the stereotype is some kind of world markup, a kind of stereotypical, generalized picture of the world. Again, according to the most simplified scheme. All people, objects, events occupy certain places in our consciousness, this creates a certain model inside us, the core of this world. Any attempt on this model is felt as a threat.

    For example, gender stereotypes (gender) are considered the strongest. What is a stereotype about gender? These are certain ideas, generalized in the consciousness of society, about the behaviors and personal qualities of men and women, about their social roles. For example: all men should earn money, and women should give birth and raise children; housework is a matter of women; man is the master of the house; men are resolute and active, women are caring, gentle and vulnerable, etc.

    Some of these stereotypes in modern times are changing.

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