• What are shoes?

    Marina Fedotova
    Marina Fedotova
    March 12, 2013
    What are shoes?

    Under the shoes means shoes with a heel, which covers the toes of the feet and heels. Shoes are considered intermediate shoes between sandals and boots. At the same time, shoes that completely cover the entire foot “to the bone” are already called ankle boots, a little higher - these are already half boots. Shoes that completely cover the entire lower leg and above are called boots.

    Many people confuse and call shoes with shoes, but between them there is a significant difference. Consider in more detail what shoes are and how they differ from other shoes.

    The main difference from low shoes is that they cover the dorsum of the foot, and there is no such thing in shoes. Since ancient times, shoes were considered an indicator of higher material status. So for example, in India, shoes with heels were an indicator of the special social status of women. They wore it mainly on exclusively special and solemn occasions (during the reception of important guests, religious celebrations or family holidays).

    Shoe Classification

    In order to explain in more detail what shoes are, let us dwell on their classification.

    • Classic closed shoes, where the size of the heel can be average (about 5 cm). They are a classic look of shoes. Such shoes never go out of fashion and are suitable for business women.
    • Shoes on the platform are considered the most fashionable highlight in the wardrobe of every girl, except for this, thanks to a stable platform, they are also considered the most stable.
    • Oxfords - despite the fact that such shoes were initially exclusively male, recently women boldly wear closed shoes with lacing. This solution is considered very fashionable and popular.
    • Boats - have the appropriate appearance, from which they got their name. As a rule, the heel can be minimal and reaches a maximum of 2 cm.
    • Ballet flats are considered everyday shoes, as they have either a heel missing or very small.
    • Loafers are very similar in shape to moccasins, only they have a sole and a wide heel.

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