• What are harmful cigarettes?

    Above the question of what harmful cigarettes are scientists and physicians have been fighting for a long time. Today, a lot of materials have been written, dozens of films and programs have been made about this, but people did not smoke less. Statistics state that only in Russia 65% of men and 30% of women smoke. Let's talk again about what harmful tobacco smoke.

    First of all, respiratory organs suffer from tobacco smoke. Smoking leads not only to the development of respiratory cancer, but causes chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema. In tobacco smoke contains more than 4 thousand different chemical compounds, many of which are catalysts for the formation of cancer, in addition, the smoke contains many poisons that are deadly for humans - cyanide, arsenic, bismuth.

    In addition to diseases of the respiratory system, cigarettes lead to diseases of the heart and circulatory systems. Each cigarette you smoke increases blood pressure, increases cholesterol. Due to regular smoking, there is a congestion of blood, which leads to difficulty in blood circulation.By the way, 25% of deaths due to coronary heart disease are due to smoking. Also, tobacco smoke can lead to heart attacks and strokes due to impaired healthy blood flow.

    What is harmful cigarettes, so it is a complex effect on the entire body. As a result of smoking, all vital systems suffer. This leads to a metabolic disorder at best, at worst - the emergence and development of serious diseases.

    What is harmful cigarettes for women

    The female body is biologically stronger than the male body - below the threshold of sensitivity, faster regeneration, etc. At the same time, light women are smaller. Therefore, the metabolic rate is higher, which means the poisoning of harmful substances in cigarettes occurs faster.

    It is especially dangerous to smoke while carrying and feeding a child. A smoking mother not only destroys her body, but also poisons her child, because the substances are absorbed by the child first through the blood and then through the mother's milk.

    Smoking affects the appearance - the condition of the skin, hair, whiteness of the teeth. A woman who smokes regularly looks much worse.

    What are harmful cigarettes for men

    In addition to the general harm of cigarettes on the body, smoking can lead to the development of sexual dysfunction in a man - impotence. In addition to impotence, smoking leads to infertility.

    Many people believe that light cigarettes are less harmful to the body. This opinion is erroneous, because even in the weakest cigarette there are many harmful substances.

    Today, electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular.

    What is harmful electronic cigarettes

    Many researchers agree that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than normal ones. After all, when smoking it, a person absorbs only purified nicotine and air vapor. This means that he does not receive all the other harmful compounds that are in a regular cigarette. Anyway, nicotine is poison, and therefore the body becomes poisoned. In addition, when smoking such a cigarette there is a stronger psychological dependence.

    The best way to not poison yourself with tobacco smoke is not to smoke at all. Be healthy!

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