• What are haircuts for thin hair

    Owners of fine hair is not recommended to do chemical clarification or perm. These procedures can greatly damage the structure of thin hair.
    Girls with thin hair who prefer to cut their hair in short should pay attention to the “short bob” haircut that can create a feeling of healthy thick hair. It is not suitable for everyone, so the “long bean” is still a universal option for cutting thin hair.
    If it seems to you that your hair is cut in a single line, yet there is not enough volume, choose “bob with unevenly cut ends”. This stylish haircut will definitely give your hair shape.
    Try to make a haircut, in which the hair will be aligned with a beveled line. This hairstyle looks great on young girls, but for ladies aged it is better to refuse. In profile, an oblique line may draw excessive attention to the neck and chin.
    A great option for owners of long thin hair is a shoulder-length haircut with several strands that are slightly shorter than the rest of the hair. Be careful, because if there are too many short locks, the shape of the hairstyle will be lost, and the hair will seem sparse.
    The feeling of thick hair can give a strict haircut, in which the hair is cut along an oblique line from the face in such a way that the front is longer than the back.
    If the length of your hair is up to the shoulder, cut it with torn ends. It will give you a feeling of lightness and youth. With this hairstyle, you can create a new image every day, curled the ends of the strands, or styled your hair with wax or mousse.
    Consider haircuts with hair tucked behind your ears. Such hairstyles are able to increase the volume of hair visually.
    Absolutely undesirable for owners of thin hair, haircuts such as "cascade" and thinning strands.

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