• What are the criteria?

    Alexander Yulin
    Alexander Yulin
    August 16, 2012
    What are the criteria?

    In different situations, you can find the word criterion. For example, when applying for a job, it is often possible to meet the “employment criterion” column, but not everyone understands this. So what are the criteria, and what does this term mean in different situations? Let us examine in detail.

    Criterion means the basic parameters of truth. That is, when setting “name the main criteria of the modern economy”, you are asked to name the main features inherent in it, on which its basic principles are based. It is necessary to indicate only those features that are in reality, and not your thoughts. Otherwise it will be just an opinion. As an example: the main criteria of the modern economy is openness, market and competitiveness.

    The criterion can also be a tool for subjective, personal evaluation. For example, if a guy likes fair-haired and tall girls, then these signs of the appearance of the opposite sex are criteria for assessing the attractiveness of girls for him.

    In short, the criterion is only the true (actual) parameters of assessment, perception and description of a person, object, event or structure. The word criterion from the Greek language and translates "sign for judgment." As you can see, in everyday life we ​​don’t think about what the criterion means, but, nevertheless, we constantly present it.

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