• What are cartoons?

    Marina Fedotova
    Marina Fedotova
    March 15, 2013
    What are cartoons?

    What is a cartoon is a full-fledged or short film, which is made using special drawing tools, thanks to which we get voluminous (much depends on the subject of the cartoon) figures of heroes. At this time, most often, cartoons are released in full-length format (for example, the well-known "Shrek").

    Like movies, cartoons have genres too. So what cartoons are there? Thanks to its amazing and colorful world, which in a cartoon can be shown as you like, cartoons are becoming more and more popular with all segments of the population. Previously, we were waiting for new products from well-known directors, new films, new heroes, and now we have a huge audience of animated film fans. To figure out what to watch a cartoon, select its genre, and they are:

    • family;
    • detective;
    • musical;
    • fighter;
    • Adventure;
    • fantasy;
    • comedy.

    Now, choosing to your liking for the genre of the animated film, you can safely go and watch it.

    How to create cartoons

    Before finding out which cartoons in cinemas are going, you first need to lay down in your head the principle of creating a cartoon, how it is done. Recall, for example, the well-known “Well, wait a minute!” - this is a classic animated series, thanks to which more than one generation has grown. So, work on this, I will not be afraid of this word, the masterpiece lasted a long time, the chief engineers - the multipliers traced the main characters (the wolf, the hare and other characters). Then, all these pictures began to move.

    Now, thanks to computer technology and with the help of many developments, designers create 2d and 3d character models by hand, using special programs for modeling. So, as the budgets of cartoons are huge now and reach hundreds of millions of dollars, the main characters are played by real artists. Their movements, facial expressions are then transferred into a cartoon format. And to make the background, so it costs nothing at all for modern studios (Pixar, Walt Disney). Thus, the pace and timing of the release of the new animated masterpiece, and now the question of what cartoons are going in the cinema should not be puzzled.

    We give examples of some of the best cartoons. Having watched them, you will relieve stress (if the cartoon is comedic, light, family), you will plunge into the whirlpool of events, feel the wonderful music, pay attention to the quality of the picture, how the characters move. So, the masterpieces of animation are:

    • Shrek;
    • Rio;
    • Panda Kung - Fu;
    • Cars;
    • Rango;
    • Madagascar;
    • Ice Age;
    • Puss in Boots.

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