• What concerns institutions?

    Lilya Mayak
    Lilya Mayak
    March 29, 2015
    What concerns institutions?

    The concept of culture is extremely extensive, so that you can talk about it in a single article. However, cultural institutions allow to some extent to classify and figure out what should be meant by it. In this article we will talk about what applies to cultural institutions, and first we recommend that you read our article on the topic What is an institution.

    Definition and types of cultural institutions

    Cultural institutions can be called cultural organizations that carry out certain cultural missions. Features and objectives of such institutions are different and due to their belonging to a specific area of ​​culture. The main types of cultural institutions include the following:

    • theaters;
    • movie theaters;
    • libraries;
    • museums;
    • palaces and houses of culture;
    • art schools;
    • club facilities.

    Of course, the functions of such institutions are largely due to the cultural policy of the state in which they operate, as well as the interests of a particular society.At the same time, if to speak generally, the theater organizes the work and shows it to the viewer, the cinema provides film screenings, the library is engaged in information services, and the museums preserve and display collections. Art schools provide opportunities for the development of certain talents and skills, and club institutions, houses and palaces of culture provide various cultural events. It can be concerts, exhibitions, shows, poetry and literature evenings and much more.

    Cultural institutions can also be considered House of Artists or House of the Writer. As a rule, the first is under the auspices of the Union of Artists of a particular state, and the second is the Union of Writers. In such establishments, various cultural events are also held, works by members of the Union are exhibited, book presentations, discussions and interesting meetings, recitation and poetry evenings are held.

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