• What alcohol advise to take a picnic?

    We are going a company of six people, they entrusted the purchase of drinks to me, but I don’t know what to take and in what quantities. Your options?
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    polar bear
    polar bear
    Answered on December 2, 2014 18:28
    What are you going to cook at a picnic? Here and then choose. For example, if you cook the crayfish, take a beer. But in general, look at the mood and the possibilities. To the kebab take the ladies red wine. To yourself vodka)) With vodka, you can’t go wrong)) it’s better to drink in nature and you’ll never think of it. She darling everything goes! And do not get tired with expensive and exotic drinks. There are such cadres, they want to show off the type)) it’s better to think of vodka and beer for a picnic. So take them. You can't go wrong. And everyone will be satisfied.

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