• Weather in Gelendzhik in September 2016 - weather forecast. What is the weather at the beginning and end of September in Gelendzhik?

    GPS-003What will be the weather in Gelendzhik in September 2016, tourists and vacationers are interested in, preferring to spend their holidays not in a noisy summer bustle, but in an atmosphere of silence, relaxation and measured tranquility. Forecasters, based on long-term observations of the meteorological situation on the Caucasian coast, provide a quite attractive and optimistic preliminary forecast. From their data you can find out that the first autumn month will give guests a lot of pleasant minutes and allow plenty to enjoy all the pleasures of a beach holiday. At the beginning of the month, the heat will once again actively announce itself, but already in the second decade a pleasant, mild weather will be established in the city and a comfortable "Indian summer" will enter its rights until the end of the month. But this should not be surprising.Reviews of tourists who have already visited Gelendzhik in the fall claim that this is quite a typical situation for the resort.

    The sea will not have time to cool down yet, and fans of long bathing can swing in and out on the gentle and warm Black Sea waves. Rare, short rains with thunderstorms do not interfere with basking on the beach, but a little dry air will significantly refresh you. Well, in order to walk comfortably under the moon, you need to take along a warm jacket and waterproof shoes. In this form, you can wander around the city at least until the morning and admire the magnificent local scenery without fear of freezing.

    What is the usual weather in Gelendzhik in September - reviews of tourists


    Quite hot at the beginning of the month and moderately warm in the second and third decades - that's what the weather usually reigns in Gelendzhik in September according to tourists' reviews. In the afternoon, the sun warms the air to an average of + 24 ... 25 ° C, however, heat bursts often occur when the temperature reaches + 27 ... 28 ° C. Precipitations fall out not too often and the number of cloudy, humid days usually does not exceed 5-7. But, fortunately for the guests of the resort, bad weather is short-lived and almost does not spoil the beach rest, except that it slightly cools the average daily temperature.However, putting an umbrella, waterproof shoes and a couple of warm clothes in your suitcase will not hurt. With them you will feel more comfortable and will be able to walk around the neighborhood, not thinking about meteorological conditions and penetrating northeastern winds, occasionally flying on the coast.


    Despite the arrival of autumn, the swimming season in September is still ongoing. Wonderful Gelendzhik Bay, surrounded by a chain of Caucasian mountains, affablely lures into its azure waters all who manage to find themselves in these parts. The sea pleases us with pleasant + 21 ... 23 ° C and is very clean. From time to time, the coast unexpectedly visit the north-east and demolish the heated upper layer of water in the open sea. At such moments, the temperature drops by a couple of degrees, but literally in 2-3 days the situation returns to normal. Well, in order not to lose precious vacation time, locals advise tourists to go to aqua parks, working on the coast until the end of the month.

    Weather in Gelendzhik in September - water temperature in the sea


    The water temperature in September in Gelendzhik is in no way inferior to the weather.The sea only cools slightly compared with August (up to + 22 ° C) and still allows visitors to swim both in the daytime and in the evening. An important positive factor is the exceptional purity of the water during this period, not only on the distant wild, but also on the most visited urban beaches.

    Weather in Gelendzhik for September 2016 - forecast hydrometeorological center


    What the weather will be in Gelendzhik in September 2016, you can learn from the preliminary forecast of the weather center. According to the weather forecasters, the autumn season will prove itself in the best way and will please tourists with loyal temperature indicators. At the beginning of the month, namely the 2nd, a heavy downpour will take place at the resort, and then dry and clear days will be established for almost two weeks. The thermometer will freeze at + 25 ° C and will drop to + 23 ... 24 ° C only on the 14th and 15th, when the north-western cyclone with rains will sweep over the city. Until September 25, sunny days will be replaced by cloudy and cloudy days, and at the end of the month the temperature will drop to + 21 ° C. The water will warm up to + 20 ... 22 ° C and only in the most recent September week it will cool down to +18 ° C. As far as this forecast is fair, it will be possible to find out if you came to Gelendzhik on vacation or read the reviews of tourists visiting the town.

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